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Are you feeling lucky? You must be because you are reading this, your luck is in. But perhaps you think you are unlucky in life, well no more, your luck is about to change forever because I have things to tell you which will change your life for the better, feeling lucky yet?

We all know the rhyme, 'See a penny pick it up and all the day you'll have good luck.' Our world is filled with totems to Lady Luck, from sporting team mascots, to our ever-present horror of bad luck and Friday the 13th. We knock on wood like demented woodpeckers, fear jinxes when we smash a mirror, reply to chain letters or fear the worst and bedeck ourselves with lucky trinkets and charm bracelets while no-one in their sane mind would marry in green. We love Lady Luck and try to win her over in numerous ways, but she can be so fickle, or so gamblers say. The horse shoe is the most famous good luck charm. If you place one upright, on the top right corner of your front door lintel, it channels good luck into your home. If you wear three keys together, it is supposed to open the doors to health, wealth and love and so we try charm after charm to win that disdainful Lady's affections.

4 leaf clover and crock of gold at the end of a rainbow

The world is split into those who feel lucky or unlucky, 'nothing ever goes right for me,’ some people complain, we often worry about 'pushing our luck.' Why is this and how can we change our luck and have good fortune and that seemingly stand-offish Lady smile on us? As a sorceress I believe in creating good luck, I use magic spells, the Law of Attraction, visualisation and many other things, to turn people's lives around. Oftentimes the people I've helped are those who feel themselves to be unlucky, whether in love or business, things never seem to go their way, their lives appear to be blighted, cursed even, until I step in. But before I get as far as casting potent spells to heal, help or promote them in life or love, I have a lot to teach them and these things I'm going to teach you now; the lucky secrets of a sorceress will be yours.

fingers cross for luck

How we perceive ourselves is a vital part of witchcraft and luck. If we think nothing will ever turn out right for us, we become anxious, closed in, closed to opportunity, closed off to other people. We try to protect ourselves from pain by not expecting good luck but expecting failure, doom, disaster and bad luck to dog our footsteps, so we stop trying. We become very unlucky simply because nothing can ever work out for us if we don't try while expecting success, believing it is attainable for us and working toward it. We stop trying to make good things happen because we 'know' they wont. These people, studies have shown, do not listen to their gut instincts, their intuition, they ignore it and so miss opportunities. They see one failure as the end of the road, rather than thinking one door has closed, ‘I’ll try opening another door, one will open if I push and try enough of them.’ Lucky people know that if they fail one time, they will be fortunate eventually, it may take a while, but they keep on persisting for as long as it takes. Often I've worked spells for people in the past and they have expected instant results, then when they fail to materialise in a week or a month, they feel unlucky, become down hearted, and give up, when if they had felt optimistic they would have got their results just because they would have persistently waited. Whereas the people who have listened to me and feel lucky, may wait months, even many months for their spells to manifest, but they keep on waiting hopefully, acting positively and when their spells particularly love spells manifest, as they always do, they feel even luckier.

chinese lucky signs

As a witch I know that there are many magic spells to cast and talismans that can be magically charged to greatly enhance and influence your luck and I do this often for friends and family. We all know that a four leaf clover is lucky; numerology propounds luck can be found in certain numbers; accidentally putting your clothes on inside out is lucky; there are millions of lucky charms, from Chinese dragons to acorns, which bring all sorts of good luck to you. But these are adjuncts to real luck; the real luck that witchcraft promotes, the luck of the mind, believing in a positive outcome until it manifests. This is the world of magic; believing in good fortune, seeing it, feeling it, smelling it, visualising it until it appears - no matter how hard we must persevere. Of course magic promotes good luck so we usually don't have to persevere as long as we might. Magic speeds us on our way to happier outcomes than even lucky people could normally achieve. But a spell begins in the mind, our positive thoughts live the new reality, until it manifests and this is the greatest thing we can learn to change our lives, our luck and our happiness - believe it until it happens - you can do it, it will happen. There is no room for doubt, misery or failure, we can all learn to be lucky, and of course, with a little magic everything is possible and that magic begins in your mind.

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