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Love Spells Witch Ella

Hi, I'm Ella the founding member of our coven and this website - lovespells.org.uk, returning now to enjoy the company of old and new friends alike. Some may ask why I've been gone. What happened to me that I am now rejoining my coven and this site? Life happens, even to witches sometimes; we're not immune unfortunately to the troubles that can afflict any human. So I guess I'd better start at the beginning so everyone can see that though life can be hard, we can all overcome problems, no matter how difficult. This is written especially for those whom life slaps in the face, who feel they can't cope and wonder 'why me?' It's not you, it's all of us, and here's how I've coped and come through the lessons that life teaches us for our soul’s journey and how love spells have helped me grow.

I grew up in a Barnardo's children's home, and I had a great start thanks to the wonderful people there. You needn't feel sorry for me because although my mum had died and I was told my dad had given me up, I did find a new family with Barnado's, who encouraged me and gave me as secure a childhood as they could.

My interest in witchcraft began in my early teens, wanting to find ways to give myself opportunities that I felt I lacked and some of them were romantic! The other girls in the sixth form at school had fathers and mothers who gave them cars at 17, who bought them great clothes, paid for them to go on holidays abroad, they were so lucky, I wasn't jealous, but it did make me frustrated and sad sometimes. But my big quest was for love, not money or things as this is what I wanted most, to have my own family. This hit home for the first time when I met this cool guy. He was the first cousin of my best friend, Sophia, we were all 18, just about to leave school, it was summer. I was over at her house one Saturday, listening to indie rock when he walked in. He was tall, well built, and blond with a big grin and a spark in his bright blue eyes when he said 'hi.' I was so overcome I just stared. Sophia chatted to him, and I drooled and stared and he asked me what I thought of a band and I could hardly talk, my voice had got lost. Here was the love of my life I thought, he was so cool, so handsome, I went weak to my toes. He asked us both out to join him and his mates that night at a small gig where he was playing. My friend offered to lend me some 'decent' clothes to wear, I didn't have any. We put on too much make-up and strutted over that night, confident, or she was and wearing so little we were cold even in July, but so excited.

When I saw him on stage my knees went weak, he strummed like no one before and when he sang a love song, I was sure it was for me. Nothing much happened after that, we went home but a few days later Sophia told me that he liked me. My heart sang - HE liked ME! I was over the moon and then she said, 'yeah he feels sorry for you, he was shocked about you know, the home and no parents, all that.' I was crushed and looked at my unfashionable shoes and would've cried, only I would save that until I was alone that night as usual. So that was how I cast my first love spell. It was for Darren, gorgeous Darren who couldn't see me for my background. I’d cast spells before but not a love spell and one so important to me. But it wasn’t hard for me, I enjoyed casting, and I waited for results and kept busy with Sophia and my reading list for college. A week later and Darren turned up at Sophia’s, we listened to music, sprawled over her double bed, sunlight streaming in from her bedroom window that overlooked the garden, and as a love song began, he slid his hand over mine, and clasped my fingers, squeezing them and taking them to his lips to kiss. I didn’t punch the air and jump for joy, that wouldn’t have been cool, but I sure wanted to! My love spell had done its work!

We dated for a while before I went to college and I found, that though handsome, sexy, Darren was not cool, he was boring, once he opened his mouth his thoughts were as stale as old bread and I soon forgot him in the confusion and muddle of being a fresher at uni. But more excitingly I felt I was now a real witch!

I enjoyed uni, worked part time to keep myself as a waitress, which was an eye opener, and decided on a career in IT, but something was unresolved for me, something I couldn’t forget and that troubled and hurt whenever I thought about it, or I saw a happy family, my dad. What was he like? Why had he given me up? Had he loved my Mum? I needed to know about them both, to feel I had some roots, although I didn’t expect a happy family reunion, I needed to know more. So I set about finding out, researching, trawling through records and sending off forms.

At the same time a guy from my new job had fallen in love with me. We dated and found to our astonishment, amazingly his interests were the same as mine, he was very spiritual and also had practiced witchcraft. Here was my soul mate. Perhaps fate threw us together, and we married within months of first meeting. I had the life I’d always wanted, a secure home, a loving guy, my friends, a good salary and my witchcraft, which I now practiced with James. That’s when my dad entered the picture. I can’t tell you how hurtful it is for a child to know they weren’t wanted, under any circumstances, and I hoped, when I heard that he would call me, that there would be some closure for me, at least. James held my hand when the phone rang at the appointed time, and dad rang through. His voice was older than I’d expected, the line was bad, when he said the words, ‘Hello this is your dad speaking,’ tears welled up instantly; I’d wanted all my life for someone to tell me he was my dad. To have that ‘safety,’ that security and that love. It was an uncomfortable conversation, brief but we decided to meet, he was coming round, yes he lived nearby, all those years, so close but so far away. The following Sunday he came round for lunch, he looked in his 60’s, tired, thin, worried, badly dressed in ill-fitting clothes. I would’ve felt sorry for him but some residual anger sprung up at the same time as pleasure and I found myself in a tumult of confusion. James took over as host and the meal past quickly, dad asking about me, wanting to see photos of me, telling me about my mum. She’d been a teen mum and had died of a drug’s overdose, he had been a teen tear away, in prison on drugs charges and that was why I’d been sent away. He was 50; a hard life had aged him prematurely. We talked and talked and soon he left, offering to phone me in a few days. I cried all that night, and James held me, silently.

Dad came over for lunch every Sunday after that, and I gave him money and helped him get a nicer flat away from his ugly rented bed-sit. A year passed and James and I had a baby, a little girl, of whom dad was very proud and spoilt rotten. But then the headaches James’ had been suffering for months got worse, and we got a diagnosis of brain cancer. I still find it hard to talk about but the end was swift, inoperable, and James died in my arms, dad by my side three years ago last August. Dad did all he could to support me and moved in for a few months, doing the housework and keeping an eye on our little girl. My coven was a huge support too, the girls so loving, warm and are my family. I had decided when James died that I wouldn’t marry again; I would always love him so how could I ever think of such a thing. He was my soul mate. Beaty always told me not to make such big decisions when I was in such distress. She’s such a wise girl but I ignored her advice. A nun witch would I be!

Then a year ago, the girls got together at out regular sabbat and said I needed a companion, that to spend my life alone forever was a crime, the gods had given me the capability to love and to never love or be loved again by a partner and share that bond would be wrong. They’d obviously been sharing a conflab behind my back! I was angry, but they wouldn’t listen. I knew they were plotting.

Eleven months ago I met someone, I wasn’t interested, but he was and he persisted and swept me off my feet. I did get another chance at happiness and we are now married. He is everything I could have ever wanted; of course I still love James, but have found that my heart has enough love to still find real happiness with Dave. We share everything, including our love for my daughter, and he too is very spiritual. After our honeymoon Beaty and the girls told me, that they had cast a love attraction love spell for me one year ago, a month before I met Dave!

I was told on marrying Dave who wants children as I do, that because of my past medical history I wont be able to conceive another child, but Beaty and the girls said, they’d ‘sort that one, no trouble.’ Yes they cast another love spell for me, a fertility love spell! I was told to be careful and rest a lot and so my absence from this website but now I’m past the three month mark, I feel great and much more secure about my baby’s health, I’ve got the doctors go ahead to relax and do what I want within reason. And so now at last, through the power of the gods, my friends, my coven, my dad and by all that’s good and gracious, I have the life I dreamed of when alone at 9 years old, dreaming in my little bed at Barnardo’s of a future that I wanted but couldn’t believe I’d be lucky enough to find. I’m a very lucky woman, few are so fortunate, and I have my coven, the strength and support they’ve unstintingly given me, my dad and love spells to thank for a very lucky life. I have everything I want, few can say that I’m sure you’ll agree and so I started this website in order to give some of the good luck back that I have been so blessed with. Which is why I’m now back, newly settled in a new home with my new husband, my dad and my daughter, my baby to come, my blessings fill my home.

I wish happy lives to you all,
Ella xxxxx

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