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Love After Death

Single people may sometimes wonder if love will ever enter their lives, and use love spells to beckon it to them but for many, love calls without being summoned but what can we really expect when parted by death from those we love? In the Bible, God is quoted as saying that love is stronger than death. But how might we interpret this? Mediums and those who are psychic believe that the spirit exists after death, that death has no final victory, that we do not really die, we just live spiritually on a different plane. They describe how spirits can lower the frequency on which they communicate while the medium raises their frequency and the two may communicate. They also instruct that the spirit stays close to the body before burial and so if relatives or lovers wish to tell the dead person all the things their heart and minds long to say, they can and will be heard without an intermediate. Those who have moved on are likely to be very curious as to how their friends and family have reacted and what they have to say!

There are many accounts, countless, of people sensing the one they love still present after death. Unless you are a medium or psychic, it may be that you will sense this presence at it's strongest for the first two weeks after bereavement. Sometimes it seems as though 'the moved on' will try and indicate that they are still present or that they do still care for their loved ones as much as ever. Sometimes relatives will sense the scent of the loved one, their favourite fragrance perhaps or some other small sign that the loved one is saying 'am with you.' Or if the bereaved are not fearful, the living spirit may (cautious not to cause alarm) appear as a shadowy or pale form and perform some daily ritual that was habitual for them. One husband visited a medium and heard his wife's voice speak to him. She told him not to spend all this time visiting her grave daily as he had been doing, as she wasn't there. Another visited a medium to hear her husband telling her jokes. It seems that those who have moved on usually wish to reassure us, quieten our fears and grief, and let us know they are all right.

flower of immorality

Should you wish to see and speak to someone you love who has died, without an intermediary, you may. As you go to sleep at night, ask in your head, or aloud, pray if you wish, that you might meet this person in your dreams. If within three nights you have not had a very powerful and strong dream, in which you meet this person, repeat your request nightly until you do. This is an easy and gentle way to receive reassurance and comfort. It appears that people in the spirit world have a limited amount of energy, so are unlikely to be able to visit your dreams nightly, however much they may wish to do so. So if you are blessed with such a dream, wait at least a week or two before asking for the same privilege again.

It seems clear that love does survive death, for both those who have moved on and those who stay on the earth plane. So if you ever feel that you have lost someone who has 'died,' remember that you have not lost their love, care or interest, real love never dies, it is immortal!

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