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Lingerie Talisman Love Spell

This slinky love spell is for those who are searching for love and wish to find it as soon as possible. As with all love spells, the more you enjoy casting them, the more positive your feelings about the casting and your wishes being fulfilled, the quicker you will see results, so enjoy preparing and casting this one. 

Collect together ingredients for your lingerie love spell, you will need:

A small sachet of silk, which you can make yourself simply by stitching together a small silken envelope. One columbine flower, one patchouli flower, sprig or drop of the patchouli oil, the hull of a vanilla pod (whole or ground up) and a tiny sprig of verbena. Place these ingredients into your silken sachet and then chant over it:

'Gracious Venus please bring to me,
A lover that's single, true and very comely, 
May he be wise and kind of heart, 
May he love me ardently, 
May we never part,
Infuse this talisman with your powers so great,
To be loved and love by each other may be my fate,
An it harm none, 
So mote it be.' 

Now place your love spell talisman sachet into your bra and wear it daily, next to you heart until you meet your true love.


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