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Lampshade Love Spell

This is a fun love spell that anyone can cast at home and no one will be any the wiser, but you will enjoy the results. This love spell will make your lover think of you and long for you constantly!

Firstly take a photograph of your lover and cut out them out of the photo, you want their whole outline, not just their face. Then place the photograph inside a wide lampshade, tuck it into the shade's edge where it has a rim that folds over, or sellotape it into place. You must ensure that the light bulb will not burn the photograph or cause it to scorch or smoke! So please only use a large wide lampshade for this love spell that is at a safe distance from the light bulb, above all please ensure your safety. If you cannot be certain that the photograph will not get scorched, place it on the outside of the lampshade in a private room where no one will see. Then when your photograph is safely in place chant:

'By Venus power I know, 
That my lover (insert their name) will think of me longingly,
Whensoere this lampshade shines with light,
in the times of day or night,
Then his/her love will shining be,
Bright and craving only me,
An it harm none,
So mote it be.'

Now imagine your lover longing for you whenever you switch that lamp on, do this for as long as you can concentrate. After that your lampshade love spell is cast!


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