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The Kitchen Witch

A kitchen witch is made from cloth, corn, clay or any number of other materials, she ‘guards’ the kitchen and ensures no meal is ever burnt or ruined, and no pan will boil over while she is around. It's a very popular custom originating from northern Europe.

A kitchen witch dates back to the days when women were responsible for what went on in the kitchen, and a mother would want to protect her loved ones with spells and herbs, and ensure there was love, peace and harmony within the home.

Kitchen witches are practical, they don’t need a spell book or incense, all they need can be found within their magical kitchen.

kitchen witch
A kitchen witch

The most important ingredient for any magic spell is you must want your wish granting with you whole heart, whether it is a love spell or any other spell.

The kitchen witch favours organic vegetables, herbs and fruit that is full of natural positive energy.

Salt water is used to cleanse crystals and gemstones, it removes negative vibrations, the kitchen witch likes to wash her utensil in salty water too.

The kitchen witch grows her own herbs, even if it is only in a window box.

window box
Window box containing basil, parsley and rosemary.

You will find a bowl of dried herbs for protection in the magic kitchen, usually it will contain at least two of the following herbs; sage, basil, thyme, rosemary, parsley or aloe vera, all well known for their magical protective properties.

For a good night’s sleep and sweet dreams, the kitchen witch will prepare a herbal bag containing chamomile, lavender, cloves and rose petals.

If the kitchen witch is told you want to attract love, she has lots of love spells, and will for example, prepare for you a little herbal bag to carry or place under your pillow containing rose petals, lavender and orange seeds.

For fertility, the kitchen witch will make you a magic herbal bag contain bay leaves, angelica and camphor, and bless it and wish you a safe, healthy pregnancy.

If you need to attract money fast, a kitchen witch tip is to place bay leaves in your purse or wallet - this is a perfect, easy to cast money attraction spell.

To cast a spell in the kitchen, the kitchen witch creates a magical circle using sea salt. Bay leaves are useful for granting wishes, therefore before entering the circle the kitchen witch will write her wish on a bay leaf.

Once she enters the circle holding her bay leaf with both hands she will chant:
Bay leaf bring my wish to me,
bless you, so mote it be.

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