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King Arthur's Bedd Love Spell

The ancient Welsh book of tales, the Mabinogion, tells us that King Arthur was Welsh and  that the area of Dyfed was his stamping grounds. The tales also tell us that on top of one of the Prescely Mountains, King Arthur is buried in his stone cairn grave. In fact King Arthur was 'spotted,' or recorded to have lived over a wide stretch of the western British Isles. But such a strong account as the Mabinogion means that some might say this makes a journey to the foot of these mountains worth the trip if you wish to invoke King Arthur's power for a fidelity love spell. If you wish, go to the base of these mountains, unless the weather is good and you are adept at hill walking and fully prepared and chant:

'King Arthur in your stone bed you rest,
Mighty warrior and lord you are famed,
I invoke your power to protect my love,
From all usurpers' that my heart's throne would take,
An it harm none,
Protect my love and I that no other,
Shall me lovelorn make and from me my love take.'

Then imagine your love being faithful to you forever. Your King Arthur's Bedd Love Spell is now cast.



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