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Irish Love God Love Spell


Aengus Angus is a Celtic or Irish god of love, as well as a god of beauty and youth. He is by all accounts quite a stunner himself and also known for his highly romantic sensibilities. One account, the Aislinge Oenguso or 'Angus' dream' tells of his infatuation with a girl he saw in a dream one night. She came from the other-world and liked to live as a human for a year and then for a change try living as a swan, perhaps she was trying to find a species of male that would be constant to her. But she had no cause to fear as Angus pursued her, found her all feathered up on a lake, joined her in swan form at Samhain and then took her home to meet mother and father. One may imagine that they were very happy together as any male willing to don feathers and webbed feet to get a date with his sweetheart, is sure to help do the dishes too. Joking aside, Angus as a god of love understands our mortal needs and so is the perfect god to invoke for this 'find me love' love spell.

At Samhain or Halloween, light a red candle upon which you have already inscribed the name Aengus Angus. Then while visualising finding yourself the perfect love begin to chant:

'Aengus Angus please upon me bestow,
A lover that will love me well,
Whose heart for me will ever faithful remain,
Such a one who can love as you do, 
A heart that is golden, good and true,
An it harm none,
So mote it be.'

Allow your candle to burn down safely and then your Irish love god love spell is cast, get ready for exciting results. 



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