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Invisible Ink Love Spell

To begin a romance make or buy an attractive card printed with a romantic image. The art of turning a simple card into a love spell begins with its personal customisation by you, the giver. You can either buy a child's invisible ink pen, or make your own invisible ink. Here is how to do it: 

Lemon or apple juice, milk, onion juice, or vinegar are just a few of the liquids that can be used undiluted to make invisible ink. The writing can only become visible if heated by placing in an oven or under a hot hair dryer or the like and how many people place their cards into ovens or try to blow dry them? So your invisible love spell will be safely secret. Now write your lover's name in the invisible ink inside the card where you would usually write a message. After writing their name, add this text:

'- loves me heart and head,
And very soon we will share our love, our life, our bed.'

Allow the invisible ink time to dry properly. Then in ordinary ink write on top of your invisible love spell wish whatever message you want your love to read. The invisible hidden message will exert its power as soon as your card is received by your new love. 


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