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Hill of Tara Love Spell

The Hill of Tara is the ancient stronghold of the Kings of Ireland, where legend, history and spirituality combine to make a very special place. Rich in atmosphere and stories of heroes, battles long past and where ancient pagan priests held rites long forgotten for the Kings whose memories now sleep amongst the remnants of the Royal Enclosure, and the Mound of Hostages, this  is a holy place. Since the Neolithic Age the Hill of Tara has been considered sacred. For this reason this is a very propitious place to cast a powerful love spell, because this place is alive with energy,  that very energy can fuel the power of a love spell and also inspire the energy you put into your casting. This love spell is for those wanting to be loved by someone who has shown no affection. 

So find a quiet spot upon the Hill and when you are alone chant:

'Oh ancient powers of Tara, 
With your will and energy, 
Bring me love's sweetest victory!
By your power and justice I ask,
That my love (insert their name) will come to me,
In his/her heart felicity, 
Replete with love for me bound, 
Sacred as Tara and your power, 
Love to me brought in this hour,
An it harm none, 
So mote it be!'

Now sit quietly and visualise your love being in love with you and coming to you, you have invoked the spirit of Tara, the spirit of place, know that your love will bring you happiness and then go home, in the happy knowledge that it will be so. 

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