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Hector the Siamese Wander Cat Returns

The tail of a cat and his long lost journey home

Hector has paws for thought, at least one pauses for thought on how his soft, small paws coped with a twenty mile journey? Hector is a travelling cat, he likes to travel alone, at whim, whenever the wind takes him, off he goes out to search for adventure, pretty tabbies and catty delights. His owner, Phoebe strokes his white, silken head, as she tells me of his jaunts and the near heart failure they gave her, when his wanderlust first took him, tiny dark silver nose forward, a solo navigator off into the wild great yonder of Wiltshire. "It was a frosty winter morning in November and I called him at the back door to come in, as I did every morning, he likes to spend his nights out unless it's raining and he just didn't appear." Phoebe smiles down at Hector ruefully, "No Hector to be seen."


An alarming number of cats go missing each year in the UK, a frightening thought for all cat owners, the very independence that characterises the spirit of the domestic cat, can make them vulnerable to straying, road traffic and all sorts of dangers. In 2006, the feline welfare charity, Cats Protection, set up research into missing cats and how many are reunited with their grieving owners. An encouraging 51% of cats are happily reunited with their overjoyed friends but that sadly leaves of course 49% that never find their way home again. Young cats, particularly around the age of two, when cats are most curious and confident in their adult skills and perhaps wanting to expand their hunting territories wider than Acacia Avenue, are most at risk of straying; winter also seems to be the time when this happens most. Lucky Hector roles over on his back to have his satin stomach tickled, with the dignity of a rounded eastern potentate of old, as Phoebe continues, "He was just past being a kitten, still young, one and a half and not too road savvy, which is always a huge worry. So I searched my garden and the Avenue, rang neighbours, had they seen him, I drove around looking for him all over the area, nothing. Course you worry that he's been hurt," Phoebe says sighing, "in an accident or something dreadful has happened to him. I asked my neighbours to check their garages, that he hadn't crept in somehow and got locked in, but nothing." As many as 30% of relieved owners believe their lost and retrieved cat, has been shut up in a shed or garage, so always check yours for hiding cats before locking up. Cats Protection warns that identification for our cats is vital. Whether we choose micro-chipping or ID collars for our feline friends, it is imperative that we do identify them, but if opting for ID collars, we must make sure that the collar is a quick release safety version and that it is correctly fitted.

Hector charming

"No-one had seen hide nor hair of Hector." How long, I ask Phoebe, did it take before she got really worried about him? "From the moment I realised he was missing, I was worried sick. We had a strong bond; I'd reared him as a kitten. You feel very protective of your animals, especially so when you've cuddled them as tiny little things. Eventually I put up posters at the vet's surgery, the pet shop, on lampposts, everywhere I could think. I was so worried, really upset, I don't like weepy films and it was terrifying to think that Hector might end up in a ditch - might already be in a ditch dead! You often hear of cats going missing but you don't often hear of them returning, I felt sick about it. I practise the craft so, it occurred to me I could use magic to get Hector back."

How, I ask Phoebe, surprised, did she manage to use witchcraft for a lost cat? "Witchcraft involves a lot of creativity and imagination so, I used mine! No well, I realised I could put a spell on Hector to help him find his way home, if he were lost, I didn't know what else to do. I so wished I'd had him micro-chipped as a kitten by the vet, but it was too late for that! So I cast a spell on Hector, that he'd be guided home, with a protection element, to alert him and protect him from dangers, traffic, that sort of thing." Hector undulates comfortably in Phoebe's lap, and purrs dozily, "then one day, " Phoebe continues, "I got a call from a woman twenty miles away, he'd just walked in her front door that morning when she reached for her pinta! It was raining, he was wet, bedraggled, very hungry, meowing very loudly apparently. She fed him and looked at his collar, saw my number and rang thank god."

Hector lovely

Hector raises one lazy eyelid at the sound of his mistress' voice and gets an ear tickled in response. "You naughty cat, Hector!" Phoebe scolds gently as she continues, " It seems he'd walked all that twenty miles, in a week and a half, a bit far for a cat, maybe he got a lift, you've enough charm to cadge a lift haven't you," Phoebe coos down at him, rubbing behind his ears. "And so I drove down and picked him up. " Most cats, 43% that do return, according to statistics, do so within the first week of disappearing.

How was he when you got Hector back, I ask? "He was no thinner, which was odd, that charm again perhaps and his fur smelt of cigarette smoke, which was odd as this woman didn't smoke and neither do I. But he keeps on going off on his jaunts, about once every few months he wanders off for a day or so but I know I'll get him back safely, in the end, because he is older and wiser, aren't you eh?" Phoebe ruffles his fur as Hector purrs back with large intelligent china-blue eyes, " and my spells manage to keep a track of him. If only he could speak, eh Hector, don't suppose we'll ever know where he goes or what he gets up to, maybe he has a lady love. But all's well that ends well," she smiles. Phoebe feeds Hector a cat treat and as he purrs with the loudness of a road drill and I'm inclined to think that Hector agrees too. He is a very lucky wander cat and we wish him many happy returns...

If your cat goes missing, there are things that you can do. Many Cats Protection Adoption Branches and Centres have lost and found registers to help those who are concerned about their lost cat, or who may have noticed a stray cat in their area. The staff can also give useful information on what you can do to help find your cat. The Cats Protection Help-line, telephone: 08702 099 099 (9-5, Monday - Friday) or email helpline@cats.org.uk or visit their internet site www.cats.org.uk

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