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Healing Spells and Magic

Magic healing takes place when emotional, physical, spiritual or mental energy is transformed from negative into positive energy - everyone has the ability to heal. Comforting and reassuring patients can make them feel better, it has been scientifically proven that kissing better a child's injured knee creates a natural pain killer. Healing always manifests a change, therefore miracles can happen, alternatively a degree of relief can be experienced.


Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force Energy, an energy which means everything is interlinked and connected - Universal Life Force Energy is all around us.

Mikao Usui, a Japanese Tendai Buddhist had a revelation in 1922 where he gained the knowledge of an healing system known as Reiki. Reiki opens the energy centres of a patient’s body to enable them to receive the healing Universal Life Force Energy.
Reiki can be administered with the patient present or absent , since Reiki travels through time, space and distance and will penetrate walls, clothing and plaster casts. The Reiki practitioner treats the whole person rather than specific symptoms since everything is connected.

Reiki can be used for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual difficulties and usually great benefit and enhancement of the quality of life manifests.


Most healers ask for help from a higher source, which might be God, an angel, guide or healing deity. Positive affirmations help too: "The Lord God manifests health in me now" or "I am perfectly fit and healthy."

Crystal Healing

A quartz crystal can be charged to send healing energies to your patient or yourself. After cleansing your crystal, hold it over your heart, then to charge your crystal with healing energy simply request healing is sent to yourself or the sick person in your own words. Once you have completed your healing session you should thank the healing source.

healing crystals

Pebble Healing Spells

In ancient times it was common practise to transfer sickness and bad luck to an inanimate object such as a pebble or stone.
Ideally you need a white pebble that has been shaped by water or the weather. Hold your pebble in your left hand, which is linked to the right hand side of your brain, the psychic side, and state out aloud or silently to yourself:
Pebble take sickness away from ...(name of the ill person)
Shrink it.

Repeat three times.
Now bury the stone in soil, Mother Nature will melt away the sickness the pebble is holding.

white pebbles

Absent Healing Magic

All healing involves energy, and energy follows thought, this means all the healer has to do is think of the person they want to heal. Usually an absent healer will send healing many times as this creates a stronger connection.
To send healing, sit down somewhere quiet and peaceful. Close your eyes and think of the one you want to send healing to. State their name to create a connection between you. Ask for perfect health to be sent to the one requiring the healing. You can also imagine their body being bathed in healing light while you do this.

After your healing session has ended thank the healing energies for assisting.

sending healing


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