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Seduce With the Magic of Good Scents

From those mythic love goddess Cleopatra, the Queen of Sheba to Madame de Pompadour, the great courtesan, the men slaying seductresses of history have all had one not so secret yet vital weapon, scent, the great aphrodisiac. Scent, as we all know has a magic all it's own and can unlock a buried memory quicker than any other sense; we smell chalk and straightway we are back behind desks in the schoolroom; we smell hyacinth and our granny's lipstick kisses, impressed on our reluctant five year old cheeks, are besmirched with waxy pink marks once more. Madame de Pompadour noted that any woman who changed her scent was a fool, as the trail of her scent would instantly remind her lover of heady pleasures and arouse his dormant amorous instincts on the instant. But today we are encouraged by fragrance manufacturers to have a wardrobe of scents and change them according to our moods. This is a good marketing strategy and useful for those with no wish to entrance and captivate a potential lover or an established love. But for those who wish to learn from the immortal mistresses of seduction and romance, we should remember, our scent is our signature, embodying to a lover all that we represent to them and so only a choice of one scent can do this, to retain any lasting power over his mind and so his bod

bottles of scent and perfumn

So we should choose wisely if we choose for love rather than flitting from fragrance to fragrance, it seems wiser to maintain the scent that one was wearing when we first met a lover and he will be reminded of us and us alone, our personal magic, each time this scent wafts through his mind. There is a link between scent and emotions; studies have found that when the participant in scientific research trials first smelt a new scent, if they were enjoying themselves at that moment, they were much more likely to enjoy the scent. If they were having a disagreeable time, they would usually dislike the scent. So, in this case if you first meet someone that you wish to know better, and your first meeting has not gone well, this is the only time you should change your scent appeal with a new fragrance, as scientists have concluded from trials, that whether we like a scent or not is learnt. The final results from many scientific trials is, if an odour is twinned with an emotional circumstance, the perception of the odour changes to fit that situation, for good or ill. So we can see that if we are having a difficult time with a lover and this has occurred at the same time as we tried a new fragrance, it may be a very good idea to revert to the scent of our first meeting, of the happiest period of our relationship.

secducting using flower scent power

In the retailing and restaurant industries, the use of scent is a growing trend, to enhance the customer's perception of their experience and make them associate the product with pleasure. But for us, as individuals, as Shaykh Umar Ibn Muhammed al-Nefzawi wrote in this sixteenth century erotic manual, The Perfumed Garden, 'The use of perfumes by men as well as women, excites to copulation.' We too can do this if we find one scent that pleases us. In your battery of seduction remember there are even more enticing ways that scent may be used to thrill and delight. When you find that your lover is aroused, enflamed by your charms, apply the scent with which you wish him to bond. Or apply this scent and then ensure you arouse him ASAP. Wear this scent each time you wish him to feel amorous and very soon you will be able to arouse your lover merely by applying this scent. You can tease him at the theatre, out dancing or over dinner ever afterward and make the journey home one of fizzing sexual tension and passionate nights, the moment he gets you all to himself.

So which scents should you choose to drive a new lover wild with desire, the results, according to science, may not be what one would expect and you would have to be psychic to guess these. Alan R. Hirsch, neurological director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in America, produced a study on how scent awakens sexual arousal and his findings were very surprising. His findings seem to convey that there are some very effective scents that the seductress may employ but that she should start looking in her kitchen, not the perfume shop. The smell of pumpkin pie, (whatever the cultural or ethnic background) increased blood flow to the penis by an astonishing 40 percent. Lavender, that scent we often associate with English summer gardens and venerable old ladies, also has Viagra like wonders for the male reproductive organ, blood flow increased again by 40 percent. But for women, the scent of licorice mixed with the scent of cucumber gave a surge of blood flow to the female reproductive organs - men - you know how to turn us on instantly now, smear yourself with cucumber and licorice allsorts! This research was looked at askance by other researchers, who have found what we all might have supposed, scent triggers are personal, each of us has our own history of which scents trigger pleasure or disgust, including sexual scent triggers. A man may have grown up enjoying the scent of vanilla ice cream only to have been left by a woman who wore a vanilla scent; best not to wear vanilla based fragrance around him, or risk stimulating feelings of hostility rather than desire. As Professor Rachel Herz says, “Fragrances acquire their meaning through association...There's no innate biochemical response.”

man smelling pumpkin pie
Smelling Pumpkin Pie

Pheromones have been hallooed as the great aphrodisiac, these chemicals secreted in animal and human perspiration and bodily fluids (the word pheromone is the Greek for 'excitement carrier') are used in the animal kingdom to indicate sexual receptiveness and the health of the immune system. Animals choose their mates according to the pheromones they give off. Researchers, keen to identify the role scent plays in human courtship and bonding, have found results to warm the hearts of those who previously thought perspiration was a bad thing. The researchers sprayed one twin with pheromones, while leaving the other girl with no pheromone spray and left them in a bar. The twin who had been doused in pheromones was approached three times more than the other twin. Other trials have found that it may well be pheromones that help us to pick a stranger out of a crowd, as if psychically, fall in love and find we have so much in common, we truly are a perfect match. It has also been noted that the level of our pheromone production is linked to our colouring. Blonde women are said produce the most pheromones, redheads follow on their heels and brunettes least of all and are obviously thought by mother nature to be quite lovely enough without that sort of thing thank you.

So to enhance our pheromones, does this mean we should rub our cat or dog over us before a night on the town? Thankfully no, our own naturally secreted pheromones should be sufficient and warn us not to cover up our own bodily scents with very strong perfumes, but to allow the mingling of our own clean bodies' scent with a manufacturers' fragrance, when we wish to be most desirable. The ancient Egyptian women understood this and how to enhance their own sexual scent, rather than cover it, by placing Kyphi, a compound of incense, sometimes with musky civet and amber added, into their vulvas. As Napoleon wrote to Josephine, 'I will be home in two weeks, do not wash.' He obviously found her bodily scent a delicious stimulant to love. In Tudor times lovers would hold an apple under their armpits, soak it in their perspiration and then give it as an offering meant to convey ardent desire. It would be interesting to know how the recipients reacted to these 'love apples.' That greatest sorcerer of seduction and it may be conjectured, fantasist, Casanova, the self proclaimed Chevalier de Seingalt, recalls in his memoirs, Histoire de Ma Vie, how tantalising scent can be, that a lover's scent in a bedroom is a headier heaven than one above the clouds. Flaubert equally transported with desire by the scent of a woman, wrote to his love, Louise Colet in 1846,

'I look at your slippers, handkerchief, your hair, your portrait, I reread your letters, I smell their musky odour. If you only knew what I feel right now!... in the night, my heart expands and a rose of love pierces it. A thousand kisses everywhere, everywhere.' Two days later, the passionate Flaubert wrote again as he stroked her slippers, 'I smell them, they give off the scent of verbena, and your odour expands my soul.'

But whatever you do, do not overdo applied scent, make sure your own pheromones can breathe through it, unlike Josephine who over did her love spell on Napoleon by spraying her home, the chateau of Malmaison, with musk so heavily that Bonaparte could hardly bear to enter the chateau.

The traditional and most proven aphrodisiac scents to add to and heighten your own body chemistry's magic allure include, ylang ylang, rose, jasmine, vanilla, tuberose and musk, the original animal pheromone rich scent, but the real magic and power of scent is always in the mind. Remember to always think carefully about the scents you wear for bewitching seduction; scent can make love magical and easy.

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