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Good Psychics & Bad Psychics


The psychic world is complex, and no psychic is so psychic that they can tell everyone what is going to happen to them, furthermore nothing is written in stone, there are no guarantees.

We are all psychic and we are all able learn to read the Tarot cards, I Ching or use any other divination tools. The Tarot cards mathematically connect with every moment in time as do all divination tools. You ask a question and your subconscious mind, the psychic part, selects the cards which tune into potential future possibilities.

The psychic world doesn't reveal too much actually, it will not give us next Saturday's winning lottery numbers (mean), it will not tell us anyone's secrets, it will not give us accurate dates and times. Why? Well, if it was possible to know everything chaos and panic would transpire, therefore we are protected from knowing many things. What we get is signs from our guides to help guide us, for example, you might meet someone, a new friend perhaps with an unusual name that you love but haven't heard before, only to hear the very same name the next day on the TV or in a supermarket queue, that will be your guides letting you know you are on the right path, coincidences are often confirmation that something is right and good for you. Your guides may warn you by making you feel uneasy, you feel something is wrong but don't know how or why, well you might not listen then when it goes wrong, you find yourself telling everyone "I just knew it was wrong", you certainly did, but you didn't react how you felt you should. Learn to trust your guides, the more you do, the more they will help. When a situation is extra tricky and you appear to be ignoring the messages your guides are giving you, they might let something painful happen, to wake you up and ensure you learn the hard way.

psychic Beaty

A Psychic Reading?

People tend to turn to psychics when they have problems, and it is usually heartache that has people running to psychics for predictions, in fact they have go to hear comforting words - very risky. Unless you are using love spells your ex is unlikely to return naturally, lovers split up and move on. If your ex has declared he wants nothing to do with you ever again, and he's changed his phone number and is using dating sites to look for a new lover, you do not need a psychic to tell you you've lost him. If you are using love spells, your witch will have concealed your spells from detection and made sure your love spell is your secret, so no psychic will know you are using magic! Now you might have a genuine psychic fail to connect with your magically altered future, or you could have a rogue psychic tell you to move on because she knows lovers are not reunited. How can you select a genuine psychic? And once you have, how can you know he or she is tuning into your new future? You cannot, so you might decide to have 10 readings, that doesn't help though as 50% of the psychics will say "you'll meet someone new", and the other 50% will insist "you are going to be lucky, your lover will return to you." Now you are more stressed than when you started, you have spent a lot of money and worry the psychics who told you to move on might be right.

Do you really need a reading? If it is reassurance everything will be fine, then a psychic might not be able to predict that, you are best taking action to achieve the outcome you want, whether that involves using a witch or making lifestyle changes.

Nasty and Bad Psychics

Some fake psychics love the power of pretending to be psychic and they will tell you things to scare you, so do remember the psychic world sends guidance, it doesn't predict death or accidents, at the most it will warn you be careful during June, as you are likely to be accident prone, in which case come June you need to do just that and you'll be fine. Bad psychics talk to you on the phone because they need the money, but they would prefer to watch EastEnders, the psychic wants an easy 30 minutes so tells you all what you want to hear, it's so great and comforting knowing you have the perfect future - the surprise windfall and marriage proposal within the next 6 months, wonderful to hear when your partner has told you, marriage is a swear word to him. Two weeks or two days later more likely you cannot resist calling the same psychic again... Psychics are addictive, especially when they tell you what you want to hear.

Genuine Psychic Error?

A genuine psychic might not understand a coded message from her guides and make an inaccurate prediction about something very important to you, but as she correctly stated you are a nurse, your pet goldfish is called Jaws and you have a dragonfly tattoo on your right foot, whatever she says you therefore believe without any doubt, but somehow 12 months later the main prediction failed to manifest - you felt so sure she was going to be right, your life has been on hold for a year waiting for that prediction to come true.

Why did she get the wrong message? Perhaps she accidentally tuned into your thoughts, you are so desperate for her to tell you Simon from accounts is going to ask you out and fall in love with you that she picked up on it, and thought it was a prediction from the psychic world. This does seem to happen. Or maybe your own guides are saying "hey you, listen to us, not her" and your guides have been trying to ensure you and Simon do end up together, but instead of doing everything in your power to win Simon, you've done nothing, instead believed a stranger and ignored your guides.

Psychic readings need taking with a pinch of salt, your guides will tell you all you want to know... if you let them. Your own Tarot reading will give you guidance.

Psychic Phone Lines

Usually if anyone has any real talent they aren't working for a phone company, they have their own website and business, and they are in big demand, they help the police and people in powerful positions, Those who need to work for a phone company cannot have much talent, their 'gift' is not something they have dedicated their life too, they have a job because they need to earn a living. You would be better off getting your best friend to do a Tarot reading for you, and listening to their guidance. Most 'psychics' working for psychic phone lines need to ask you one question too many, they need interaction from you, 99 times out of 100 they cannot tune into the psychic world and pick up anything they cannot possibly have otherwise known.

If you are using a witch he or she will be using various methods of divination to keep an eye on your love spell, and you are best listening to them rather than losing money on 'Psychic X' who works for a massive psychic phone company because as already stated anyone with real talent has their own business, they know they are good and their business will therefore succeed.

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