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May 21 - June 20


Gemini, your element is air, and Mercury is your ruling planet. Mercury or Hermes, was the winged youth, the messenger of the gods so your energy is masculine and your symbol is the Roman symbol for two, duality, or the twins. Mercury roamed the heavens to deliver his messages, a supernatural postman, darting hither and yon; so Gemini loves to keep on the move, hungers to acquire new knowledge and laps up new experiences with ever inquisitive gusto and relish.

You, Gemini love the new and novel; you love to pick out the titbits of that great casserole dish of knowledge and choose the choicest morsels, discarding the rest. Routine or an unvarying diet in work, learning, or any part of life, can feel too dull to you. You live for the newness of each day, hoping you will find new interests to stave off boredom and add piquancy to your life; variety is all to you. This easy ennui and love of any new thing, that might put some fire in your blood, can give you a tendency for devilment - oh yes! You cannot always be trusted not to cook yourself up some fun at the expense of whoever may be at hand. Though your ever-ready charm will usually get you out of such scrapes, we're watching you Gemini, we know. Your endless, extroverted energy & nimbleness gives you the ability to go far or to get into endless scrapes and keep going long after you've exhausted those around you, who, wiping the tears of frustration from their eyes, have long since gone to bed. But are you put down by this Gemini - never! You are unfailingly upbeat and are the cause of many a disabled donkey, as you've talked the hind legs off any close enough at hand. If you're a female you probably get type cast as a 'typical' woman who can't stop chattering ten to the dozen, but if you are male, women will enjoy your ability to communicate and keep up with them. You are often writers or broadcasters and are usually talented in learning foreign languages.

Gemini's Ruling Planet Mercury

You love money, acquiring and spending it, and can be very fast at doing both. Your love of games also means you are often good in careers that require wheeling and dealing (second hand car salesman) and are often found working in the financial sector, earning your first million while still an embryo. Yes Gemini, you are super talented and fun to have around. You bring a touch of excitement with you and you look for a partner who can challenge you intellectually and physically. You love a challenge; nothing makes your eyes glisten with expectation more than the possibility of outwitting someone. Your desire to live on the edge of thrills can cause problems in your relationships as you are so good at losing money as well as earning it, poverty can be your lot, unless you curb your spending. Your partner will not love you for losing the family home because of your credit card sprees or thinking that gambling is a good way to invest money.

gemini constellation
Gemini Constellation

Many Geminis become actors or enter the performing arts as you so love attention, but your joyous personality, enthusiasm and general ebullience make you popular anyhow and always entertaining. You are so active, playful and sociable you'd draw a crowd at any party, merely by breathing in your own inimitable way. You are bouncy, such fun and very good value for anyone who encounters you; you'll add some sunshine to their day. You have all the qualities that make children so endearing but can equally get wearing for adults, so give us a break sometimes Gemini, you can tire us out. But your open-mindedness can help you in your relationships with others, you rarely judge because you so enjoy experimenting in your own life. You are a live wire, who actual children should enjoy very much, you know how to bring them to life and make their days enjoyable, you both require similar things. And you're also so adaptable that Gemini, you can cope with anything and triumph, as long as it's not simply a wet day, shut up alone with only repeats on TV. That would be very hell for you, you need mental stimulation to keep that bounce in your flounce. You are a ray of sunshine in the sometimes greyer lives of others. Whoever your partner may be romantically, they can be sure it will never be a dull ride. But you can be so changeable; they may always have to pursue you, as who knows when a more exciting option may appear? Settle down Gemini, the new and exotic soon looses its lustre and once you learn that, your dynamism and playful nature can make you a fine romantic prospect.

Physically, you are often short or of average height, but nonetheless long-limbed, what do you need stature for, your ruler gives you invisible wings to 'fly' through life! Your noses are usually beautiful, straight and fine, with elfin features, high cheekbones and lovely long fingers. You are always going to be effervescently attractive.

Gemini twins
Twin Gemini bros - Lenny & Kenny, lost for words after 'surfing' www.lovespells.org.uk

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