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Garter Passion Love Spell

This love spell is fun and fruity, it will bring you lots of steamy passion from the one you desire, careful though, you could start a fire you can't put out, even if you get bored of them!

Who wears garter's nowadays, brides maybe, but no one else, which is a pity as they are very sexy and show off the leg to great advantage. Of course as brides wear garters you can still buy them, or you can make your own from ribbon, but unelasticised it will probably fall down all the time, or have to be tied too tight and cut of your circulation, so buy one. Then you are going to pimp that garter, customise it and turn it into this hot love spell. To cast this love spell you will firstly chant an incantation to that very ancient goddess of sex and sexual passion, Qetesh.

'Qetesh please bring to me desire,
Flaming hot from my desired one (insert their name) may I inspire, May their passion for me know no shame,
And it harm none,
So mote it be!

See your lover pent up with desire for you and then make a secret love spell code by taking the first letter of each word of the incantation and sewing this onto your garter. You can use any stitch, even running stitch. Or if you prefer you can use a magic marker pen. As the garter will have a small circumference I have omitted any words from the code that are not essential.

Your code will be:

Q B M D H F (insert their initials) A I H N S M I B

Now wear your love spell garter for one week and then enjoy the results! Your garter passion love spell is now cast!

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