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Free Well Love Spell

Wells have, since Britain's ancient past, been thought holy places, places of pilgrimage where people would find cures for maladies of all kinds. Some wells have even been used for folk magic, for casting curses upon unwelcome neighbours for instance or encouraging good luck and even foretelling the future. Many wells were appropriated by Christianity and became allied to obscure saints, such as the saint of button makers or brewers. To receive healing benefit from the waters you had to visit only on specific propitious days. Further you had to visit only at certain hours, often at or before dawn. You also had to approach the well from a certain direction and in silence, circle the well a specified number of times, then say the prescribed prayer, drink the waters and then leave an offering for the spirit of the well. Fertility magic was common using the well water. Village women gathered at dawn, undressing, splashing their busts and loins with well water to ensure a child would be begotten and their barren state healed. We think of wishing wells, which is an ancient roman practise, but in most of England, Wales and Scotland, the practice was to leave an offering of cloth which would be tied to a tree to repay the spirit of the well for the wish desired to be granted. In Ireland people left pins instead. This leaving of offerings to the spirit or god of the well goes back to the early Bronze age, where offerings of helmets, swords, shields and other such costly goods have been found, thrown into wells and other bodies of water in propitiation. 

This free love spell is based upon ancient folk love spell magic that goes back to the bronze age itself, and by casting this free love spell you are taking part in a tradition that is almost as old as the hills. 

You may need an ordinance survey map to find your local well, or perhaps you already know of its existence. Following the path of the ancients, you must arrive at the well before dawn on a Friday morning, as Friday is the best day for casting love spells. Take with you a cloth of red, which must be made of cotton, linen or wool and go to the well in silence. When you arrive walk around the well counter-clockwise three times. Then chant:

'Oh holy well, and spirit within, 
I bid thee grant my wish.'

Now splash your chest with your red cloth (that has been wetted in the well water) over your heart and say:

'Please cure my aching heart of love, 
Give me peace from love's tumult, 
Bring me peace from above, 
And let me find my new love,
So mote it be.' 

Now walk clockwise around the well three times silently and then tie the red cloth to the nearest tree branch and as the cloth rots, so shall you heal and new love be found, good things always came to those that wait.


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