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Fountain Love Spell

This is a lovely and romantic love spell for anyone who wishes to find a new love. You do need to have access to a fountain though, but a garden 'water feature'  that has running water would work too. If your fountain is in a public place you of course do need to be discrete when casting this love spell, secrecy is of paramount importance in all magic workings, other's thoughts and opinions can interfere and mar results. So step up to your fountain or crouch over your 'water feature' and chant beneath your breath as you strew seven petals of a rose into the water:

'Venus, goddess from water born,
I pray you bring me love sublime,
And quickly may it be in fastest time,
A lover true and good may come,
Flowing with love for me, 
Ever as does this fountain flow,
May their love for me grow and overflow,
May their love be as pleasing to me, 
As the sun's beauty as it sets o'er sea,
An it harm none,
So mote it be.'

Take some time now to visualise a new love coming into your live and all the joy this will bring you. Your fountain love spell is now cast.


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