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Language of Flowers Love Spell

The language of flowers is thought of as the Victorian secret language of love. But this coded love language goes back to medieval times, when giving flowers could mean so much. We still remember that red roses mean ardent romantic love but do you know what giving someone a sprig of purple lilac means? 

This love spell uses the language of flowers and their symbolism to create a secret code that you can use to cast your love spell. 

You choose the flowers that are appropriate for the secret code you wish to concoct, choosing a combination of flowers or one alone.

Purple Lilac: The  beginning of love. 
Acacia: Secret Love
Scarlet Lily: High spiritual love that aspires.
Mallow: Overwhelmed with love.
Red Poppy: True Love
Box: Constancy
Balsamine: Impatience
Almond: Promise
Agrimony: Thankfulness
Abatina: Fickleness
Mayflower: Welcome
Lime Blossom: Uncommitted sex
Blue Poppy: An enigma, the impossible made manifest
Chestnut: Be just to me.
Pink Carnation: A feminine love.
Red Chrysanthemum: I love.
Globe Amaranth: Undying love.
Celadine: Joy to come.
White Clover: I promise
Coriander: Lust.
Forget-me-not: True Love.
Jonquil: Love me too.

Take your flowers, or flower and now you will use them to cast your love spell. Light a red candle, incise 'Venus' upon the wax, and then take half the bunch of flowers and pick off the petals and strew them safely into the flame as you chant:

'By Venus power,
My love's (insert their name) love is mine in this hour,
By my secret flower love code, 
My lover's desire for me will bloom in felicity,
As the flowers decree so he/she will love me,
An it harm none,
So mote it be.'

Allow your candle to burn down safely. Now with the remaining half of the blooms, tie the flowers into a posy which you will give to the one you love, if you feel comfortable doing so, or let them 'find them,' they need not know they come from you. They are enchanted and will help to boost the power of your love spell which is now cast!

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