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Excalibur Love Spell

Bosherton Lake in Pembrokeshire is said to be the lake into which that magical figure, King Arthur threw his even more magical sword, the sword of destiny, Excalibur. Which makes this lakeside a very propitious place in which to cast a love spell that is meant to change destiny. If your search for love has been fruitless, then change your destiny with the ancient powers of this place. By casting Excalibur into the waters, Arthur imbued the waters themselves with the powers of that legendary sword, making it the largest love potion imaginable. But refrain from drinking the water, that would not be healthy or wise. Instead stand beside the lake and a coin of high value into the waters. Then call out:

'By Excalibur's power of destiny,
May true love be brought to me,
May I find a love true and good,
Who loves me as a true love should,
May I too love this new love true,
By Excalibur may this destiny be mine by these waters blue.'

Now contemplate your wish and envisage it as though it has already manifested. Your Excalibur Love Spell is cast!



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