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Extrasensory perception or ESP, can be described best by asking if you ever had a hunch, or a gut feeling, without any obvious sign that could've given you that feeling? During the casting of a love spell, the atmosphere will alter and you will feel very sensitive and be able to trust your intuition. In your daily life you find that your hunch was right, you should not have gone out with him. You should have called your grandmother when it occurred to you, she had a fall at the time you thought of ringing her but you ignored your feeling and read a book instead. Or maybe you've had a mole that doctors have told you is benign, but you've somehow felt it needed removing and then found, through a second opinion, it was indeed malignant. If you've ever had that feeling, despite any evidence to the contrary, that you should or shouldn't do something and then found you were correct, you have ESP. In other words you have a sixth sense, unproven yet by science and yet nonetheless there, that guiding inner voice, quiet yet nagging, that something is the right thing to do or the thing you should avoid. Many think that ESP is widespread, as common as the sense of taste, only some have more refined palates; fore instance some can tell you the valley the grape was grown in that made the wine you sip and to other's it's just red wine, same as any other.

ESP takes many forms, from that hunch we're all familiar with, to precognition, clairvoyance, telepathy, remote viewing and many other extrasensory insights. It is as though we are receiving signals from some source as yet unidentified, protective warnings or guidance on what will be best for us, when choices may not otherwise be immediately apparently good or bad. Witches use ESP during their love spell casting.

Ganzfeld experiments, used by parapsychologists to look for concrete evidence to prove ESP, enclose the receiver, or participant, into a room alone to relax in a comfy chair, Ping-Pong balls over their eyes, and red light shone onto them. If anything were to inhibit ESP and anything much beyond thinking 'isn't this a weird situation,' that environment would do it for me! The recipient is then played white noise through headphones and is left with no stimuli, to bring on sensory deprivation. When thoroughly deprived, which is not a situation anyone would relish, a 'sender' then sends a randomly selected 'target' or information to the poor old recipient. Well, they need something to divert them. Then the recipient says aloud what they can see in their mind's eye, their voices are recorded. After all this they probably need a cup of tea and the sight of sunshine. However the recipient is then shown a jumble of 'target' information and has to pick out from these, which of them is most like the images they saw while in the ganzfeld state. Usually they are given three incorrect 'targets' and one, which was the actual target the sender, was trying to send them.

Simon's gut instinct had told him red was not his colour!

From personal experience it does seem however that heightened emotions aid ESP and bring it to the fore, of which these ganzfeld experiments are totally bereft. The usual rate of success in choosing the actual target sent to the receiver is 25%. I would humbly suggest though, that if the receiver had just come down off a roller-coaster or any other emotionally heightening experience, these test results would be dramatically improved. Between 1974 and 2004, ganzfeld experiments took place that produced 1,008 successes in 3,145 tests. A researcher, Charles Honorton, wrote a paper concluding that the ganzfeld experiments had proven that PSI or ESP exists. However his findings were disputed by a psychologist, Ray Hyman. The controversy goes on to this day, but tell me, what does your gut instinct tell you?

esp error
A Couple on blind date they shouldn't have gone on

It seems that humankind is capable of analysing himself so closely, with such a blinkered and confining set of rules that he may, in the end, wonder if he even really exists. How, after all, can we prove that we are not all the dreams of some idle being, waiting for a better TV programme to start?

During a love spell your ESP will tell you it is going to work, a powerful, positive energy will be sensed - you will just 'know' results are destined.


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