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Embroidery Love Spell

If your forte is needlework, this is the love spell for you and what's more you can add to its power whenever, or if ever, you should wish to do so. You can in fact, embroider yourself a love spell that will cover all your love spell wishes in years to come with this magic technique, which has been used in the past by our ancestresses for many centuries.

First of all choose whether you wish to embroider or even make a tapestry, depending on your inclination. Then you will need some true red yarn or embroidery silks, to add to your usual colour palette if you don't have it already. Now the fun part begins where you can design your own pictorial love spell! Really enjoy involving yourself in this, those positive emotions will ensure speedy success. Some guidelines to follow are that you must invoke a deity or angel to help give your love spell power, goddesses who rule over love are Venus, Aphrodite, and Juno if a man is causing a woman marital problems. So embroider your goddess into your work, and remember to symbolise yourself and your lover too! If you wish your husband to be more loving, depict him as being an ardent lover to you, while if your partner will not commit himself to you, embroider him as marrying you, in his tailcoat, and you in your wedding dress, both happy. As you stitch think of your wish becoming reality, see it, feel it, smell it, visualise for as you as you can whenever you are working on your love spell. Also stitch your names into the cloth beside each of your figures. You will use the red silks where you can, as red is the colour of love and passion, so use red where possible to decorate your design. You can even create an embroidery or tapestry with little panes, each scene depicting what you wish to happen, and how you wish your romance to be, in progression. Dedicate this work when you've finished to your chosen deity and if you live alone, hang it somewhere private where it will not be seen. The purpose of this work isn't to show off your skills but to bring your wishes into being and bring happiness to you and your loved one. At the bottom of each scene, or the scene, should you depict one alone, stitch the words, 'An it harm none, so mote it be.' Below your love spell embroidery, at a safe and cautious distance, light a red candle and let it burn down safely. Your embroidery love spell is now gaining power and shortly about to change your love life for the better. Should you wish to add a new love spell wish to your work in the future, remember to invoke your suitable deity and burn a red candle to seal you wish when you've finished.










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