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Love Spell from Egypt


In ancient Egypt a form of magic was performed, it was called heka. They believed that heka was the magic power that created us and our earth and that all of us had the power to a greater or lesser degree to perform heka, our inner divine power. Heka was based upon the notion that performing a symbolic action translates into reality and has an equal effect as if the action had really taken place. Heka was thought a very positive force, commonly used, with the intermediary of a priest or magician, by all ancient Egyptians mainly for protection, healing and love. Unlike modern witchcraft, when night is seen as propitious for working magic and altering reality, the heka priests thought that night was the time of supernatural mayhem and so rose before dawn to purify themselves ritually and perform their love spell magic as the sun rose. Heka priests were thought to have the power of the gift of life itself and said to be able even to turn figurines of animals to life or effect the very forces of nature themselves. All ancient Egyptians wore heka amulets, or charms to protect them from snake or scorpion bites, from disease or to bring them good fortune or love. If they were ill they were treated by an ordinary physician and in tandem with heka priest, their bodies treated physically and spiritually. It wasn't just mama's chicken soup recipe that ancient Egyptians treasured and passed down within families, but papyri of heka spells were handed down from generation to generation, spells for healing, protection, curses and love, while the great tomes on heka written by priests, were guarded for safety in temples and palaces. 

An Egyptian Heka Love Spell

As did the ancient priests, so too must you to perform a true heka love spell. So firstly bathe and then put on fresh clothing so that you are deemed purified and worthy. Rise before dawn to do this as your love spell must be cast as the sun rises. Your heka love spell will be in two parts as it always was. It is important that you speak the words of this love spell clearly, think of how a priest intones, to give weight and clarity to your wish so that this is understood by the deity and granted. Now chant:

'Hathor goddess of love, bring me what I seek,
By your power holy one, which rises daily with the sun,
Bring me please I thee entreat, love speedier than running feet, 
He must be my good husband and my love,
By your power Hathor from above.'

Now pour a libation of beer, Hathor's favourite drink, into a clean receptacle before you, and you are ready for the second part of your heka love spell. 


'My new love unknown to me shall seek me out, and stranger though he may, be he will certainly find me. He shall look through desert plain, he shall look in market square, he shall search everywhere and only I shall please his eye. When he finds me he shall be, as happy as any mortal may be, he shall take me to wife, for a very long and happy life.'

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