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Egg Love Spell

This is another very easy love spell for anyone to perform. It helps to cement a romance that has just begun, perhaps when you know 'this is the one,' but you don't feel that your sweetheart is so certain of you. To cast this love spell simply take two eggs and drop them into a bowl and beat them together. But as you do so you must chant:

'Venus hear my plea, 
My lover (insert their name) and I,
are like these eggs,
vessels apart,
that become one from two, 
may our love bloom and grow,
As these eggs have merged so please bestow,
A love for us that will grow and conjoin our love,
By your great power from above,
An it harm none,
So mote it be.' 

Now take the beaten eggs and pour them beneath a rose bush to seal your egg love spell which is then cast!



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