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Echo Love Spell

This love spell is perfect for anyone who wishes their love to love them always without end, for someone who knows their lover deeply, not just casual infatuation or in the first dizzy flush of love when they only really know the best of their lover. It is a very silly thing to use magic to bind a lover to you, if you aren't 100% sure that you are perfect together, as much as two individual human beings can be, and a thing that will be regretted later, so be sure of your feelings and how well you really know your sweetheart before casting this love spell. 

To cast this echo love spell you will need to have access to a room, a safe cave, a large bathroom, a place where there is an echo. Presuming that you have found such spot this is how to cast this love spell.

Firstly place a red candle down somewhere where is can burn down safely, having already inscribed into the wax the 'Venus.' Then light the candle and now you will begin the love spell in earnest, it is a love spell in reverse, in that it is chanted as though from your lover to you. Now begin to chant:

'Venus grant me my petition, 
Please hear my prayer to you!
I am one half of (insert your lover's name),
And love my lover (insert your name) as though one flesh are we,
My love for her/him is limitless as the sea.
Throughout time and whatever destiny's decree,
My love and I are bound to be,
Together through time and space,
Forever in my heart (insert your name) will have a place,
Lovers bound by love so strong, 
In my heart for him/her is an eternal love song,
No one may our love break,
I my love shall never forsake,
An it harm none,
So mote it be.'

Hear the echo of your chant, taking it on and repeating it again and again, as your love spell echoes into eternity, so shall your love. Now imagine your love, visualise them loving you as your chant has indicated and know it is so. Allow the candle to burn down safely. Your echo love spell is now complete and should last forever. 


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