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Easter Egg Love Potion Love Spell

This love spell can very discretely be used at Easter when giving chocolate gifts is usual. This love spell is a form of love potion because it is eaten by your lover and will ensure that your lover looks at you with admiring eyes when perhaps recently they may not have noticed if you'd stood on your head. 

To cast this love spell, buy a hollow chocolate Easter egg. Now dip a knife into boiling water which will allow you to carefully incise the egg and then dip the knife into boiling water again. Now whilst the blade is very hot, cut into the egg along your incision, until you have cut through the egg and it is in two halves. This maybe best and most discretely done along the original seam of the chocolate where the two halves were originally bonded together. 

Once your chocolate Easter egg is in two, you are ready to begin making your love potion. But first chant over your egg:

'With Venus power,
With each bite of this egg, (insert their name) admires and loves me (insert your name)
Day and night,
An it harm none,
So mote it be.'

Now you will need a bar of chocolate, the same flavour and type as the chocolate egg, milk, dark or white. Melt this chocolate bar in a bain marie then get yourself a small paint brush, clean and new please, for your lover's health's sake! Then dip the brush into the melted chocolate bar and write these words inside the cavity of the chocolate egg, using both halves if necessary. We will make a secret magic code from the incantation which goes as follows, and write this inside the egg:

'W V P W E B (insert their initials) A + L (insert your initials) D + N A I H N S M I B.'

Now when you have allowed the chocolate love script to cool and harden, perhaps a couple of hours, melt the chocolate in the bain marie once more. Then using your little brush paint the edges of the chocolate egg (where is has been cut in two) with the melted chocolate bar. Hold the egg together using dry and clean washing up gloves or oven gloves, so as not to leave finger print impressions from your warm fingers in the chocolate. 

When your love potion Easter egg has cooled and hardened back into one piece it is ready to be put back into it's box and given to your lover to enjoy. Your eater egg love potion love spell is now cast!



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