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Drawing Love Spell

This is a very easy and fun love spell for anyone to perform, using as it does everyone's power to draw. You may think that you can't draw, but that is an inhibition that small children are unaware of because — it's untrue. We merely become more worried about our skills as we grow older which inhibits everyone's natural ability. This is called a drawing love spell but it might as well be called a painting love spell, because you can either draw or paint you way to the love you wish desire. If you have not found 'the one' yet, wait no longer!

Firstly sit down, or lie down, and relax. Let all your worries and concerns leave you and fade away as you let your body become truly comfortable, your muscles relaxed and loose. Now allow yourself to daydream about the type of person that would be most compatible to you, not only their looks but their qualities, virtues, habits, hobbies, dream of every aspect of them and of how your romance would be. You can spend minutes, hours or days spending time dreaming of what kind of person would really suit you best.

Then when you have a strong idea in your mind, draw or paint your dream lover and you together. Draw yourself with them, showing how happy you are together. If you can only manage matchstick figures, that's great too, just enjoy the process and if you don't like your drawing there's nothing to say you can't tear it up and start again. Once you have finished write upon the drawing or sing the painting with the name 'Venus.' Then write about your depiction of yourself your name and then above your dream lover's head, 'my new love.' Now the hard part begins, you will have to dig a little hole beside a rose bush and bury your painting or drawing in the hole. This seals your love spell and sends it on it's way to find your new love and bring them to you. Your drawing love spell is now cast! Make sure you get out and about as much as possible from now on and do accept those invitations to parties and socialising that you might otherwise not be bothered to attend, you never know when you might meet the person you've been dreaming of!




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