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Doris the Lovespells.org.UK Cat

flying cat

A familiar is an animal companion who helps their owner with their magic work and spells casting. Lovespells.org.uk has a familiar ‘Doris the cat. A witch and her cat love each other, this produces a powerful psychic connection. A cat will trust its witch owner, and feel safe and secure. Your cat’s love and trust allows them to connect with the spiritual world where magic takes place and changes reality.

Cats unlike humans can see in the dark, cats have magic powers and can add potency to magic love spells because of the faith, psychic and emotional connect a cat will share with its witch owner.

Cats have been linked to many omens throughout the centuries, they earned their witchy reputation because they are creatures of the night who prefer to sleep during the day. AT night a cat’s eyes change from thin lines to globes that look like the moon.

Doris the cat wishes to remind you that if you stroke a black cat three times you are entitle to make a wish!

doris the cat
Doris the Cat

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