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Door Love Spell

This love spell is easy and useful if your partner goes out and that leaves you alone too much, it may not be their fault, they may have pressing commitments, but still you wish they would spend more time with you. Regret no longer, they can be encouraged to spend more time at home with this handy door love spell.

To cast this love spell firstly you must be able to mark your front door with a discrete love code. You might wonder how discrete it could possibly be on front door, well, if you were to write on the upper edge of the door, which no one ever sees and is usually completely covered by the lintel when shut, I think we can say you've found a very discrete and secret place for you love spell magic code.

The next stage of the love spell is the casting, first imagine your lover wanting to spend more time at home with you, suddenly nothing is as important to them. Try day dreaming of this for as long as possible, while you can hold your concentration. Then begin to cast!


'Freya, please intercede and help me,
My lover (insert their name) must wish to be,
More often at home with me,
When across my threshold he/she departs,
Please use your powerful arts,
To make him/her miss the loving bliss,
Of being at home with me and my kiss,
An it harm none,
So mote it be!'




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