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Crystal Ball Readings

Always cleanse a new crystal ball this can be done by leaving it in the sunlight and moonlight for 24 hours. Crystal balls made from natural quartz are the best. Choose one with hardly any imperfections. To test if the ball is right for you, hold your hand above the ball and ‘feel’ the vibrations of the crystal, however it is said that traditionally a crystal ball should be given as a gift and not purchased.

The ball holds no power itself, it is merely a object to focus upon.

To conduct a crystal ball reading first sit down with your crystal on the table in front of you.. relax and go into a light, daydreamy trance mode, don’t stare at your crystal ball, a soft gaze is correct. Be clear about your intention for this session. Ask for a message or image about the situation linked to your question. Look at your crystal ball while in a light trance, what mental images or impressions materialise? The messages might be symbolic or coded. You will need to practice!

predicting future with a crystal ball

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