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Countryman's Favour Love Spell

A countryman's favour is made of three pieces of straw, either barley, corn or any other cereal crop, that have been plaited together, in a similar way to a corn dolly, but simpler. Countryman's favours were made since time immemorial by youths and given to the girl that they desired. If the girl reciprocated and thought they were rather nice too, she wore the favour, pinned on her dress next to her heart, if not, the man knew his amorous wishes were not shared by the girl.

This love spell uses plaiting, in other words binding together of the straw, unifying the whole into one, as emotions and love spells bind us together. To cast this countryman's favour love spell you will need three lengths of corn, barley or another long stemmed cereal crop, a red ribbon, red food colorant, and a red candle.

Firstly take one strand of the corn and paint it red, this will represent love. When it is dry, plait the three corn strands together till a third of the way down the stem. Then tie the plait into a loop with the red ribbon, leaving the un-plaited strands free. The two natural coloured straw strands represent you and the one you desire. Now chant by the light of a lit red candle that is standing in a large dish or on a metal platter:

'Spirit of the corn, spirit of life and fertility, 
May love ripen and grow for me, 
May the one I desire (insert their name),
Burn with love's fire for me,
May we be bound as this countryman's favour, 
And love combine our destinies and hearts,
May nought cause us to waver,
An it harm none, 
So mote it be.'

Allow your candle to burn as you see your love and you happy together, and then carefully and safely burn your countryman's favour in the lit candle flame to seal your wish. When you have done this, allow the candle to burn down safely


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