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Cosmic Ordering

Celebrity puts His Success down to Cosmic Ordering

Noel Edmonds, the famous TV presenter of over 30 years standing, host of TV shows such as Multi-Coloured Swap Shop and Noel's House Party, was down on his luck, figuratively speaking that is, for a multimillionaire. They say an entertainer can never get the fever out of his blood, once he's felt that high from the roar of the crowd and the fawning celebrity that follows. Noel's House Party, that BBC1 Saturday night family favourite, was axed in 1999; Noel did not have a TV show to go to. Working in the public eye as a career must be hard to give up, who are you, they must feel,  if you're not being applauded on a daily basis? Noel's marriage to his wife, the mother of his four daughters, had hit the divorce courts after 18 years of connubial bliss, in 2004. Although a very successful man, Noel must have felt life couldn't get much worse; career, marriage, plaudits, all had vanished over five years and been reported on in the tabloids, every misery and humiliation writ large for the world to read as entertainment over their breakfasts; a crisis for anyone, however much success they have known.

jar of wishes

But things were to change - and how! One fortuitous day in 2005,  Noels' reflexologist gave him a book by Barbel Mohr, ‘The Cosmic Ordering Service - A Guide to Realising Your Dreams,' (Hampton Roads Publishing Co, 11 September 2001). Here he read that wishing on stars and throwing coins into wishing wells has been updated. Noel's elfin ears must have pricked up and we can imagine him later that day, deep into Mohr's book and then determinedly searching for a suitable tome in which to write down his wishes. However far fetched it may sound, Noel's example is one of many that have shown, though we sadly learn quickly in life that the tooth fairy was pensioned off years ago, we grown ups can actually, yes really, have our wishes manifested in our lives, simply by wishing for them and writing down our orders. 

wishing and place a cosmic order on the beach

Noel's first wish would not be hard to guess at:
'I said I wanted a hit show; it had to be something my girls would watch; and I wanted it by October,' he told Rachel Cooke of The Guardian. By October 2005, Noel had his new hit show airing for it's first broadcast, 'Deal or No Deal' on TV's Channel 4. 'I got the call about Deal or No Deal in August.' In fact Noel is so convinced that Cosmic Ordering is behind his recent success that he has written about having a positive outlook in his book,  Positively Happy: Cosmic Ways to Change Your Life (published by Vermilion, 27 July 2006).
Gerry Halliwell, the spiciest of the Spice Girls, is also reputed to have used Cosmic Ordering to kick-start her pop queen ambitions into Technicolor life. So whether you ache for a TV comeback, want to be a teen queen sensation, would like to fund an expensive holiday or even get over a nasty bout of flu quickly, Cosmic Ordering is one way to find that crock of gold beyond the rainbow and start peering into that golden pot of your lifetimes' dreams and wishes, realised. Thanks to Noel, we now know that success is just a wish away...

How To Place Your Cosmic Ordering

Cosmic ordering is the name given to a process in which you ask the Universe to grant your wishes. The Universe or fate is constantly trying to bring to us what we seek but often we ignore the signs and clues, make errors and obtain the situation we are least seeking. You must ask for what you want, clearly and concisely.

To place a Cosmic Order you simply ask the Universe for help:

“Universe please ensure X calls me within the next 7 days. Thank you”

Know that the Universe will work on your request. You should refrain from ‘recalling’ your request by saying “I know X won’t call, X doesn’t care about me” , that negative comment cancels out your positive request as the Universe has heard you say “X won’t call”, so now the Universe is working on X not calling. When doubt creeps in cancel your own negativity by saying "that's only me worrying, not what I really want" immediately after thinking negative thoughts.

You need to request that X calls, then avoid thinking about your request if you feel you will think negatively, instead tell yourself X will call the Universe is working on it for you.

You can add extra power to your cosmic order by writing your wish down and hiding it somewhere secret.

This is the basis of Cosmic Ordering and you should test it out on small requests initially until you gain confidence in yourself. Try requesting that there isn’t a queue at the checkout when you next visit a supermarket for example!

Cosmic ordering can be used as a love spell when your cosmically order your dream love - Cosmic Ordering Love Spell


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