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Mother's Corn Dolly Blessing Love Spell

This corn dolly love spell is an ancient blessing love spell which goes back to pre christian times.  Corn dollys, the word dolly may derive from 'idol,' were used to give a temporary home to the spirit of the corn, the 'Corn Mother,' once the harvest had been brought in, which of course left the poor corn mother temporarily homeless. The corn dolly, her new mobile home in which her spirit could dwell, was kept till the following year when it was ploughed into the furrows preparing for the new corn crop corn. The Corn Mother was also known as the roman goddess Ceres, from which we derive the word cereal. Ceres is the goddess of growing cereal crops and maternal devotion. So if you are a mother who worries for your child, and what mother doesn't, this is a protective love spell to keep your child flourishing like a fine crop of corn. 

You can buy a corn dolly at the end of harvest time, or make one yourself if you wish, then hold it in your hands and whilst you chant see your child, safe, healthy, growing up wise, clever and happy:

'Corn Mother, Ceres too,
I bid thee in your munificent bounty,
To bless my child (insert their name) and protect him/her from all harm,
May his/her health be as boundless as the corn that grows, 
May his/her days be as happy as the rye that grows,
May his/her wisdom be as fruitful as the oats you give,
May he/she marry when the time is ripe with someone who is true and right, 
May he/she be blessed by you with all things good,
Blessed be Corn Mother and Ceres great,
May my child ever be happy and that be their fate,
So mote it be.'

Your protective mother's corn dolly blessing love spell will go on blessing and safeguarding your child as long as you keep the corn dolly safe.  But don't worry if you should lose it, you can cast this spell again. 



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