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Confetti Love Spell

This is an easy, quick to cast and effective love spell for those in relationships who wish to get married to their love but aren't wholly sure their love wouldn't run off and hide at the idea.

Firstly buy a small bag of confetti and then take a small item of clothing, or a scrap of your lover's clothing that has not been washed and the a similar fragment of your own unwashed clothing; an inch of fabric from each is all you need. Then place the cloth and the confetti into an envelope. Mark the envelope with the words, '(Insert your name) and (insert your lover's name) were married on the (insert a future date but don't make it too soon or the spell will have no time to work).

Now put the envelope somewhere safely hidden and know that you will be married, never let it cross your mind that there is any other future for you two. But also keep this to yourself! Forget about your love spell and should the date come and go without your wedding day, don't worry, the spell is still working, it will happen, it may take a few weeks or months more, but it will.
Your confetti love spell is now cast!


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