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Cloutie Love Spell

If you have a tree in your garden than this love spell could be very helpful to you and your lover. This love spell is for those who are happily in a stable relationship but would like a fresh breeze of excitement to ripple through it and bring new pleasures and new reasons for contentment. 

Take a small strip of cloth from your lover's clothing and one from your own clothing. It can be a strip cut from an old T-shirt or any clothing that has seen better days. Tie the two strips together in a knot and then tie them to a branch of your tree and leave them there and never remove them. Stand beside the tree at night by moonlight and make your wish chanting:

'Venus please help my love and I (insert your names)
Bring us new joys that knot our happiness more closely together, 
By your power bring us to share our finest hours,
May the breeze of new excitements refresh our love and joy,
May our love be a source of constant pleasure without alloy,
Thank you Venus we know through you we shall be,
Happy as any lovers may ever be.'

Your cloutie love spell is now complete! 


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