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Chocolate Coin Love Spell

The Mayans believed that chocolate is the food the gods, and they venerated the cacao tree and thought it holy, a gift from heaven, a sentiment with which most women would agree. Cacao actually means 'god food,' in Mayan, while our word  cocoa, is the Anglicisation of theirs, cacao. The cacao beans were so valuable that they were used as currency by the Mayans and Aztecs.To perform this chocolate coin love spell you will first need to buy some golden chocolate coins. 

Place the coins into three piles and beside them burn some vanilla incense and chant:

'Quetzalcoatl before me are three piles of destiny, 
These piles of chocolate gold I offer you,
One to bring my love to me,
One to bind us well in love's harmony,
One to symbolise your divine power, 
That blesses me in this happy hour.'

Now take the chocolate coins and ritually burn them in your incense burner one by one, and as each melts, imagine one part of your love spell wish being realised. When you have sacrificed your gold chocolate love coins to Quetzalcoatl, sit quietly and contemplate the realisation of your love spell, it will then be complete. 


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