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Chocolate Cake Love Spell

Buy a chocolate cake, or make one yourself. It should have at least two layers and between them chocolate buttercream or a chocolate filling. Carefully and gently prise apart the layers of the cake. Now make your own buttercream by creaming together caster sugar and butter, one quarter of a brick of butter, a few tablespoons of caster sugar - carefully adding to taste, and sufficient drops of milk to make a smoother and thinner paste. Then on top of the chocolate buttercream already spread over the inside cake layer, write these words in your cream coloured buttercream:

'Love that's true has come to me, 
X loves me by Quetzalcoatl's decree.' 

You can make it easier to write using the buttercream by using a piping bag. Then place the layers of the cake back together and serve this chocolate cake love spell to the one you desire. They will never know of the love spell that lies within, but they will enjoy it!


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