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Chinese Horoscope - The Tiger

tiger chinese horoscope

Year of the Tiger

You are a lucky Tiger, yes, because you, as a Tiger, have natural regality, which others can find daunting but impressive, because according to the Chinese astrological horoscope, you are the King of the signs, above all other astrological and human beasts. You are seen by the Chinese sages as a protector. You will also enjoy what I have to say next - you have a mesmerising allure that few can resist - but you must be aware of that, as you batten your front door to find peace from friends and admirers, and add to the psychic mix your great physical attractions, well, needless to say, if everyone didn't already like you, they'd be green with envy and making gagging noises. In fact your only probable problems with others, will come from their inverted admiration, showing itself in covert hostility. Are you purring yet?

You do have turbulent moods, which subside into serenity, because you are a fascinating chiaroscuro of opposing qualities. You are brave and can roar and frighten the bloomers off anyone who disgruntles you, while being gentle and warm too, perhaps even minutes later. Your friends and family all know how soft hearted you are, and there is an intriguing quality about you, while you rarely reveal the secrets of all the inner you, because in some ways, you are quite a private person. You are irrepressible and love the unexpected, surprises, challenges and not quite knowing what each exciting new day will hold; routine is not for regal Tigers. It's a great pleasure for you, to meet stimulating people, and travel to new places, that need not be far from home, as long as there is something new to pique your interest, whether it's a geographic place or a new journey of the mind and intellect.

Remember Tigger, from the children's classic book, Winnie the Pooh? Well you are just such a Tigger, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy with energy and fizz, is what you Tigers are, and people enjoy and admire this about you, you brighten their day. Did you know that your middle name is dynamism, twinned with your abundant exuberance; you are a sparkling joy to have around and will enliven any convivial gathering. You are probably not that keen on the virtual, cyber-space may leave you cold, what you like is the real thing, unless you enjoy learning from the Net's many resources. Has anyone ever called you a rebel or rebellious? Psychically I predict they will have - James Dean - move over but do try not to get too hot-headed or reckless, you are very talented but could get those paws into hot water and you know how uncomfortable water is to felines, however magnificent. Artless and candid, you tell it like it is, never meaning to hurt and others can rely on you speaking your mind. It is said you can be aggressive when feeling cornered, but we all know you're a big soft pussycat really and as soon as you've had some space to yourself, and others have backed off, you'll start purring and bouncing again. You know, and have the confidence to rely on your gut feelings, your psychic intuition, about situations and people and sometimes despite your boldness and courage, you will have the adroit foresight to plan how to deal with anything important or tricky before you move a paw. If others don't share your vision, you pad on alone, rarely scared to take a single track in life because you know you can cope with just about anything and are self-sufficient. Your friends are very fond of you aren't they, because you make the best of friends, as Winnie the Pooh would tell you, but on rare occasions, Tigers get peeved and impatient if things don't go their own way and may growl, hiss even, but they soon get over it and lope, bouncily back to their friends, who they often keep for life; you are loyal beasts, however independent. Tigers are often intense creatures, which can be very exciting for their lovers, and all in all, Tigers are just splendid, in just about every way, lets have no grumbling amongst the other signs please, Tigers are sensitive.

As a wonderful Tiger, you will be equally wonderful at a prodigious amount of things including, of course, being a star of stage or screen (but you may not relish the spotlight on your private life), you have the charisma, the looks, the personality, sick bags are being passed around at the back; an athlete, a leader of men such as a CEO of a company; a lawyer; an explorer always reaching to look over into the next valley; a theatre or film director; a musician; an entrepreneur and the list goes on and on...

Your favourite lovers to bewitch with your Tiger love spells are Horses and the Dog, though you are fit to please anyone but the mousey or timid, you like to be intrigued.

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