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Chinese Horoscope - The Sheep

sheep chinese horoscope

Year of the Sheep

Well you Michelangelo in a fleecy facade you! What an incredibly talented Sheep you are! You, as a Sheep, (or Goat, which sometimes you are also called) are the most artistically gifted of all the Chinese zodiacal signs. You are also never a drab frump, your sense of style in fashion is worthy of Coco Chanel, or better yet Elsa Schiaparelli, or even Beau Brummel. Wherever you are, whatever you do, you enjoy to and do conjure beauty from basic ingredients. Beauty in all it's various forms, whether is is your home's interior or even the meals you cook, you will create works of art. You find it hard to look at someone who just needs a touch of something different to their hair, make-up or clothes without wanting to 'adjust' them and make them as beautiful as your vision. Accordingly you will probably become or are already, a painter of glowing canvases, or a clothes designer of exquisite creations. Whatever you do, you will be wasted unless you are able to employ your creative talents which were meant to make the world a more beautiful place. Aren't you glad you're a Sheep!

Not only can you create beauty in your environment but also you are quite likely to be exquisitely beautiful yourself, frankly I hate you already! But it isn't just your looks that we value about you dear Sheep, you too are a beautiful person. You have the sensitivity of the psychic towards others needs and feelings. You will always try to act in a way that protects the feelings of others and think hard before you do things, to ensure you never inflict uneasiness or pain. But if you do upset someone you will charge in like a gallant Sheep and make sure you do all you can to make them feel better, saying which, it is impossible not to warm to you. Of course the result of this is beneficial to you too, as people like and trust you and you are popular and well able to deal with problems with others. In fact you are one of the most sympathetic of the signs, you do not appreciate hardness, as you are all milk of human kindness, with a very lovely softly wooly heart. You are fabulous, what more can one say!

You do have an overly soft tendency to need the approval of others you admire. Why Sheep? You don't need that, you're great, believe me, never bend to suit another's ideas of what you should be, you may well be far superior as a noble Sheep than them anyway! In love you are, need one say, a lovely lover; your empathic and kindly nature means that you are just the soft landing many would adore. But be careful as you can have a tendency to put upon those for whom you care. You expect all their attention, always, and while they may love you dearly, you can't expect anyone to be that myopic once the first sparkle of being in love has begun to grow into a real relationship. You expect their all, and they may want to give you their all, but never if you demand it. Psychically I can predict that if you can let your partner wander off into the next field occasionally, and think their own thoughts in peace and perhaps even enjoy the odd pastime without you sometimes, you'll have a happier partner which will make you a much happier Sheep.

Perhaps you ask so much from your love because you are generous yourself, in so many ways but also because you need a very supportive relationship, with someone strong and devoted to help you cope with life's troubles. As you are a highly sensitive Sheep, and the world for you can seem too hostile a place on occasion, mainly because you don't always see things clearly. In many ways you can be irresponsible too, so in fact it is your partner and friends who will need to keep a Sheep dog's eye on you more often than not.

Endearingly with all your talents and charms, you can be so shy and even tongue-tied with anyone you find attractive. Perhaps this is because, for some odd reason, apparent to no-one but yourself, you are insecure. When you are in a stable and loving relationship, you will want them to act as a buffer to the world for you; then you can feel safe and comfy in their arms. Psychically too, I can say that you hate rows, arguments, chaotic and negative emotions have you longing for your warm byre. And in such situations you will usually retreat to the hay, and if you are asked to be decisive and make concrete choices, again your wooly coat isn't enough to make you feel secure and you remain, a very odd sight, a Sheep on the farmyard fence. You also do like to conform in some ways and will anxiously never risk voicing your own feelings or thoughts on a matter if you fear it might bring you disapprobation, you are compliant to the last. Your strength is you kind heart, your sympathy and good nature.

In love you will cast your greatest love spell over the Horse, Pig, Tiger, Monkey, Dragon, Rooster (Cockerel), Snake, Sheep or for utter bliss, find yourself a Rabbit.

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