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Chinese Horoscope - The Rooster

rooster chinese horoscope

Year of the Rooster (Cockerel)

Well who is a pretty boy/girl then! Yes it's you Rooster (Cockerel). You have the finest plumage, and love to strut your stuff and as long as you strut it like a human Rooster rather than the farmyard variety you'll be dandy. You are amazingly alert and vigilant, you miss nothing. You have the qualities of a warrior Rooster, courageous, buoyant and dogged, you can overcome most adversities and no-one can dominate you; you are 'cocky' and dominant enough for an army. Some people, people we wont mention from China, I'll whisper the word, 'astrologers,' categorise you as being someone who can get rather puffed up, that Rooster chest, self-centred and full of overblown romantic ways, mostly, they say, dreamy eyed about yourself. But you're far too fine a fellow to allow that sort of insubordination from your characteristics or at least try to be!

You have such a good eye and keen Rooster brain that, psychic though I am, anyone would imagine that you'd make a good artist, writer or detective; you observe all that goes on around you. True to your Rooster nature, you love to be noticed, by everyone, the more attention the better. Have you dreamt of being a rock star, a celeb, a film star? You would love these fantasies because you can hardly imagine too much attention. But ask the celebs, you'll find out. This trait of yours also means that you love to ask your friends to your parties, you glow when meeting new people, you are vivaciously sociable, a real party Rooster. And if your guests or fellow guests admire your feathers, you will be crowing with delight inwardly. Flattery always receives a welcome from you, false or fact. Really Rooster old thing, you are so flamboyant, you put on such a good show and you of all signs will never will be found lurking in the kitchen at a gathering, you’ll make sure you are centre stage, the 'cock of the walk.' To all those who call you brazen or showy, I say you bring colour, vivacity and great entertainment. You do take a great interest in your appearance; your clothes, hair and accessories will have all been so carefully worked out to look whatever you may deem perfect. If anyone should ever make jealous remarks about the dazzling display you provide, tell them exactly what you think of that ten year old Top Man shirt they're wearing, because with your acute eye, you will have noticed and found fault but then you find fault with yourself too. If you're not already a tailor or dress designer, perhaps you might consider it? You are, of course, attractive and people will be drawn to that resplendent image you portray and so they should be because you have so much that is of much more value to offer.

You have a natural sagacity, which others may live a lifetime and still not gain, and sweetest of all, beautiful Rooster, you are sympathetic and compassionate. If anyone needs a defender, wherever there is trouble or pain, a Rooster will be there, doing their best to fight, help, defend or commiserate. What a gallant Rooster! No-one turns to you for help and is turned away, bless. On top of that you are loyal and faithful, in fact ideal romantic partner material. One fox in that hen house is that you do have such a strong streak of independence, always certain that you are right and everyone else is woefully mistaken. This can get tiring for others Rooster. Psychically, I can tell you that if you try to dominate and always insist your voice must be heard over all others, who must silently wait for your pronouncements of pearliest wisdom, they will want to club you - then make Rooster stew. You also can be very blunt, this doesn't help matters, especially not in your close relationships, when you can wound without meaning too, your beak is sharper than you realise. Try to refrain from 'telling them like it is' all the time, especially on sensitive subjects. But twinned with this uncharming bluntness, is your honesty and straightforwardness. Which again make you a great romantic partner, as you will never try to hoodwink anyone, straight as an arrow, that's the Rooster. And how you loathe the devious and underhand, good for you. Dear me Rooster, just one more thing to say that's less than wonderful; you also do have a Rooster tendency to boast. Remember that self-flattery is no flattery and other such truisms; no-one credits a boaster with anything but a vainglorious big beak. Which for such a gorgeous creature, with so many adorable qualities, it's a shame if you don't allow people to discover your worth for themselves which will help them to value your true glory.

Roosters like to cast their love spells best around the Ox, Snake or Dragon. In work you will excel at many things, some already suggested, but you will also find your talents are suited to being a broadcaster, an actor, a teacher (that's when you can let rip and make them all listen to you in silence without seeming unbearable), or a police man. You are also suited to being a restaurateur, a P.R, an athlete and many other things that require keen observation, courage, convivial bon homie, or your talents to showcase yourself.

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