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Chinese Horoscope - The Rat

rat chinese horoscope

Year of the Rat

Perhaps because Rats flourish when grain stores are high, the Chinese saw Rats as bringers of prosperity, harbingers of good times, (they obviously can't have suffered from bubonic plague) and a bringer of security. The good news is that as a Rat, you are also associated with great allure and the ability to bring order and enhance the occult. You clever old Rat. They also say your negative associations - how could they - are war, inhuman behaviour (well you are a Rat), pestilence and death. But let's not listen to that and remember that 'King Rat' is certainly that; you are the first of the signs making you an excellent leader, trailblazer and victor in any battle, boardroom or field of war. In fact you are so dynamic that whatever you look like, you have the qualities to win hearts with one toss of your intelligent head. Why? Well it just gets better, you also, need I tell you, have very winning ways, you know how to win people over without putting yourself out one whit, while your eloquence wins an audience always. You are highly organised and prepared for every eventuality, some may call you cunning, but that sounds too negative a word for such a charmer like yourself.

Psychically and astrologically, I can predict, you will always succeed at anything you put your highly capable mind to, you'll make sure you do, you are so ambitious and determined in life, who could stop you, unless it were pest control? No-one, and you can have a strong tendency to make everyone bow the knee to your carefully thought out and shrewd ideas, which usually involve the acquisition of wealth and power. Trying to force others to go along with you always, is not always in your best interests, whatever you may think, as others can become resentful at your skilfully controlling ways; best to let them have their way, sometimes at least, it will make you a happier Rat in the long term Rat run.

You are so adept at hiding and controlling your feelings, that perhaps few know how you really feel about anything. Like a Rat up a drain pipe in a rain shower, you adapt to whatever befalls you, or wherever you find yourself and your way with people means that everyone likes you. You are unlikely to like everyone though, you are discerning and tend to keep all but a small coterie of the favoured close; you do not trust easily.

Don't look at me like that, yes you do get angry very easily; oh yes you do. You have a short fuse and don't forgive, if you feel someone has let you down or crossed you. You can even be vengeful, but hopefully you will grow out of this as it is harmful both to yourself and others. On occasion, your quick witted and brilliant mind can lead you into destructive behaviour, such as being manipulative, cruel or you may even sink to using dangerous mind games. Do try to remember; who ever made you angry was probably just having an off day.

Before you settle permanently with someone, wonderful, charming, clever as you are, it might be an idea to work on loosening up a bit, 'Que Sera Sera' would be a good tune for you to hum whenever you feel yourself trying to force others to do your will. Because dear Rat, you will eventually make yourself sick, get an ulcer or some other inconvenient and painful health problem. Try to remember that others were not made to do your bidding, their ideas are just as valid as yours, and if you try, calculating as you can be, to enforce your will all the time, you will lose those you love and possibly implode. We don't want that do we! Remember you have a weakness, yes it is a weakness, to insist everything is done your way, King Rat you may be, but even God doesn't get it all His own way, so learn to relax, go with the flow sometimes. Yes you know others might make a hash of things, but then next time they will remember your ideas and follow them. Learn to tolerate that others are autonomous beings who deserve to live as they choose and deserve just as much as you do and you'll become a much happier Rat, psychically I can guarantee that.

And then again, dear Rat, you have such high standards, and sometimes others fall below them. A lover or friend, a colleague, will let you down and make you feel that your trust has been abused. How hurtful and infuriating that is, but sadly we do have to remember platitudes like, 'we're all human, and make mistakes,' and really it is true that we all do our best, even if we fail sometimes. When you learn to forgive others, you will feel happier, not for their sakes alone, but for your own; harbouring anger and frustration will harm you psychologically and your health. But to forestall such problems in the first place, try to listen to your gut instinct, your psychic intuition about others and act accordingly.

Some of the biggest dangers for a Rat mostly come while you are young. Allowing the pleasures of self-gratification to run your life, or later in life, becoming too sentimental over the past, are things you must avoid for happiness. You are also warned not to ride horses, for what reason only the ancient Chinese knew, very likely they think you would spook your equine friend.

As far as mates go, you seem to be attracted and compatible with perplexingly much larger species, and love to weave your love spell around Oxen, Dragons, and Monkeys. And if you can bring your talented self to consider your partner's good, as well as your own, you'll be a very happily attached Rat with a very happy partner. For work you will excel at anything, but spot on for your talents are: psychiatry, politics, detective work, pathology, psychology, the law, accounting (cunning has so many uses), and espionage. That exciting literary and screen hero, James Bond, if he had existed, may well have been born in the year of the Rat, as well as being a famed love Rat.


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