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Chinese Horoscope - Rabbit

rabbit chinese horoscope
Year of the Rabbit

They say that Rabbits are quiet and reserved, is this true of you who are born in the year of the Rabbit? Although the Vietnamese, unlike the Chinese, have decided you are a Cat, as someone born during the Chinese year of the Rabbit, you are thought to be someone who likes to think of the past a lot, are very contemplative, and attract good fortune.

As a Rabbit, you have manifold charms, lithe and graceful, you are polished with society's graces, of good manners, you are highly cultured, eloquent, with great good taste and exquisitely attractive, shall I go on? OK, you are also, very talented and rather ambitious and want to achieve in leaps and bounds. What more can I say to bring a blush to those Rabbit cheeks? Well, you are special and lovely because you are also good, a really good Rabbit. There are no bad Rabbits; you haven't a bad bone in your gracious self. You are said to be reserved but many Rabbits get past this as they grow up, but you would need to be psychic to realise this as many enjoy being open and friendly with just about everyone. Some Rabbits though do keep their natural reserve, except with their close friends, preferring to keep the real Rabbit to themselves, while others hop about happily making friends with strangers wherever they go; it all depends on their life experience. As a Rabbit, you will always get on well with nearly everyone, and people like Rabbits, they appreciate Rabbit's charms and qualities and know they can trust them. What's more, Rabbits bring good luck to others, as well as themselves just try to refrain from sawing off their feet; they'll be liable to kick.

They say that a Rabbit is happiest when deep into some intellectual subject or pastime, as Rabbits are clever and such sensitive beings, the rough and tumble of the world can be too harsh for them, they may choose vocations which seclude them from the world. But aggression from anyone will have a Rabbit bare his or her teeth and get ready to nip, gentle Rabbits are, but don't push it. Rabbits may be sweet and endearing, but there is fire, courage and fighting spirit behind those long-lashed bunny eyes. Rabbits enjoy serenity, and don't enjoy being in any situation where they have to battle to be heard, the stock exchange is not a career that would suit a tranquil Rabbit. The Chinese say that you, as a Rabbit, get nervous and worried when risks are demanded of you, but show me a Rabbit who will allow themselves to be pushed into anything they don't willingly choose and I'll eat their carrot. However naturally, you Rabbits like peaceful and cosy places to spend your time in, you will try to make your home into an oasis of tranquil pleasure and snug comforts. You are a very warm hostess and hospitable, and you pay great attention to the needs and comforts of your guests, or anyone who falls into your sphere.

The Chinese also say that Rabbits are timid, and perhaps somewhere, deep down, there may be an atom of that, especially as children, but this seems to be a very rare thing in Rabbits, who are more likely to restrain this feeling and shine with rather a spectacular fire and vivacity. But you Rabbits are so engaging and attractive that you are always the centre of attention for a large and admiring group of friends, who love your beautiful nature. Rabbit, how loving you are, how sympathetic, soft hearted and in all ways, compassionate! These qualities decide your behaviour, even in situations when you'd rather nip and kick, you never wish to wound, even those you may not like. You are a soppy Rabbit, yes, admit it, you surge with love for humanity and are especially loving and protective to all for whom you care. In love, Rabbits can find they give too much; they love unstintingly and must learn to only give as much of themselves as their partner gives them. This is hard for sweet and emotionally generous Rabbits, who would willingly drown their lovers in adoration, the point being you can drown & suffocate your lovers by giving so much. The Rabbit then risks lovers taking all the wonderfulness that you are, for granted. Don't allow this imbalance to happen in your relationships Rabbits, learn to give when you have been given, if you are female or the thrill may leave your lover's heart. If you can learn to use a bit of that reserve you are fabled to have, plus a drop of your intuition, your psychic skills and you will find that lovers are thrilled by you and thank their lucky stars that they found anyone as amazing as you.

Because you don't like arguments, nastiness or trouble, you will naturally try to avoid fights in your relationships, others may try to get you to react by saying something inflammatory, you know what they're doing and remain unruffled. Which may give lovers the illusion that you are a doormat. Don't allow this, fight your peace loving tendencies in these circumstances, and give as good as you get, you have all the spark and fire to blast them into orbit and make them realise, a quarrel with you is something they will start moving heaven and earth to avoid. Once you have trained your lover not to mess with a Rabbit twice, if you have found someone who has an equally good heart, and who wont try to take all the power in the relationship, just because you are so sentimental, loving and gentle, you will make them the very best of lovers. With you they will have found depths of love they couldn’t previously imagine and a sweet protective quality that will make their hearts glow with contentment. Rabbits also make wonderful and very loving in laws, or sons and daughters in law. You do however need good friendships, your family and a support network to function well, because, despite that glint in your Rabbit eyes, you can be insecure and get hurt or easily upset, which can make you seriously ill. A buffer of affection from those you care about, will help you to remain a bouncy bunny. Sometimes life can seem too hard for Rabbits, you are so sensitive, and this doesn't help you stay a merry Rabbit all the time, bouts of sadness can afflict you for reasons others are to thick skinned to understand.

Always remember that as a Rabbit, you are certainly one of the nicest, most lovely of the animal signs, so believe in yourself, know you are worth so much, you are precious dear Rabbit, and keep looking for ways to boost your self esteem, because if this were based upon your true worth, it would be sky high, which is what you need, but you are so modest, you can undermine yourself. Rabbits also need to feel secure to be happy and most confident so again, keep looking for ways to help yourself with this and if you also learn to be forceful and assertive, no-one will ever stop a Rabbit from achieving anything she or he wishes. You do worry a lot, and look for every possible way things can go wrong, not because you're not positive, you are, but because you want to be prepared to react in the best possible way. The details matter to you, you are a perfectionist in every part of life, from your home to food and relationships, because you are so discerning. Some Rabbits may prefer very traditional lifestyles, because to you, security is all. But then again, other Rabbits will jump through hoops of fire to get what they wish. But you are never irresponsible, nor flighty nor giddy, when a Rabbit has faith in a person or a project, they will be focused and determined and they will succeed.

For work, your strong intelligence, discernment, charm, tact and myriad other qualities mean you are the very best person to be a diplomat or even a politician. But you are also highly creative, so being an artist, writer, restauranteur, a P.R., or a designer, would also suit you admirably.

Rabbits love lovers who are Dogs, Sheep or Pigs

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