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Chinese Horoscope - The Pig

pig chinese horoscope

Year of the Pig

Feeling lucky? You should be, if you were born in the year of the Pig (also referred to as the Boar) you are considered very lucky indeed, according to the Chinese astrological zodiac. In fact it is said that parents in China have no need to ask a fortune teller for a psychic reading for the baby, they know and are delighted to have a child born in this auspicious year, as it ensures the child will be both fortunate and therefore merry. So what are Pigs like? You are thought to be the most wonderful person that ever graced the planet, that's what you are like. You are a marvel of cheerful, helpful, kind, trustworthy, solicitous and chivalrous virtue. Did I leave anything out? Anyone who knows a Pig will think that they are blessed for knowing them, and they are! Loving, tender and sweet Pigs make great friends. In fact you, as Pig, I can psychically predict will find that less worthy signs can sometimes take you for granted or use you, which is not at all what our Pig friends deserve. Your passive nature can give the impression that your worth is low, to the undiscriminating fool, when in fact, as a Pig, you are a treasure. Faithful, loyal you, as a Pig, are adorable, while you like someone. However, you are discriminating creatures and if you show a Pig that you are unworthy of all the charms they may bestow, very wisely, you will trot off. Pigs also do not appreciate being dominated, try it and see what happens, nor do they think they ever need anyone's help under any circumstances; this puts their backs up. 
To those who do win the affections of the Pig, they will be self sacrificing, always thinking of everyone's needs before their own. In love you are very sensitive, innocent and naive, always believing the best of everyone until you get someone's hoof marks down your back. Do not bait a Pig, they are very jealous types, yes you are, if you could, you would keep your lover chained to the sty, permanently. Needless to say this can cause problems in relationships, for you. Another problem for you is you naiveté, which doesn't usually fade with age, so your partner needs to be wary of your open house policy with new friends, which can lead to trouble. Try to learn who people really are before you let them get close, they are not all as nice as you imagine. But in you, a lover finds a trustworthy and warm lover who cares for them with Piggy passion.
The Pig is an aesthete, always stylish; you take great pleasure in the finer things of life, especially food. You can't get enough of good food, and a hungry Pig may be caught sneaking down to a fridge in the middle of the night to 'top up.' You need to be well fed, frequently, to be a happy Pig; diets, the you faint with horror at the very idea. In fact you are very indulgent creatures, luxury is well worth the price to you, and the very word 'economy' or 'roughing it,' may have the you running for cover. You need to earn lavishly to be a happy Pig; yes you know it's true, very materialistic you certainly are! But your greatest defining characteristic, is that you are a true Sybarite, you like to indulge all your pleasures and perhaps only when more mature, learn to say 'no, ' or 'enough is enough.' This trait means that you are usually a flirt, and at your worst you can be dissolute in every sense. But you never mean to harm. Usually calm and easy going, if you feel backed into a corner, you can turn savage, very mean and extremely unpleasant. But in general you, as a Pig are a lovely being. When calamity strikes, which shouldn't happen too often, as you are a propitious Pig, you will struggle on silently, no one will ever know what you go through, if only you'd learn to complain, just a little sometimes, your load would be lighter.
You bloom like a flower in the countryside, as a Pig you need nature around you to relax and feel content. For work you are most suited to the caring professions, a chef, a job that involves children, a spiritual vocation (as you can be too nice for the harsher professions) or something where you can indulge your lavish appetite for endless luxury. 
As a Pig you will enjoy casting your love spell over a Tiger, a Dragon, a Sheep, the Monkey, the Dog, a Pig, or best of all the sensual Rabbit.

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