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Chinese Horoscope - The Dragon

dragon chinese horoscope


Year of the Dragon

Well you dramatic thing you, you're a Dragon no less, how flamboyant! Of course, a Dragon will never go unnoticed and yes you are truly flamboyant and you are associated with strength, every sinewy and rippling muscle of that Dragon image bespeaks power, raw and mighty. The Chinese also associate you with health, and concord, which obviously means, you bring great good luck! Are you smiling yet, is your head held a little higher than usual? You should be proud, you are a magnificent Dragon! In China they love you so much, they place carvings of you on roofs and over entrances to ward off evil and bring in good fortune.

Did you know that you have a touch of the divine? Of course you've often thought it but do others see you that way too, you may wonder? You're sure they should, well, yes, you are thought to be unequalled, don't tell your friends this they will smirk, but omnipotent too. I know, it's a lot to take in for one as humble as yourself! But you are dazzlingly attractive, and full of zestful liveliness; what a tonic you are you lucky Dragon. You truly are thought lucky and your natural pizzazz and allure mean you're rarely lonely; people will love you almost as much as you do. In fact you are thought so amazing that the Emperor of China liked to adopt you as his symbol.

You are never lazy intellectually, your mind as energetic as the rest of you and fizzes with curiosity about this world you were born into. Of course, with all the attributes I've already described, you are never going to be a shrinking violet, you like to burst forth like the sun at dawn and make an entrance to make the most theatrical of people seem timid in comparison. OTT you, never! You're just colourful and we love you that way, you enliven the world, and any gathering. Your confidence is towering, and you know just how to create the impression you wish, in your social or work life. As a psychic I must warn you that of course, all this wonderful, mighty, lucky, powerfulness can go even to a Dragon's head. Do you remember those villains from Bond films who wanted to rule the world from a secret island, cackled a lot and wound down daily by trying to become dictator of the known universe, before cocktails at 6 p.m.? They were Dragons, that's your weakness, oh Dragon lord. Megalomania is something you need immunising from, ask your GP should you start thinking the throne of England, Scotland and Wales is rightfully yours, or try to buy the Taj Mahal as befitting your image for a party. It could happen, beware. Unhelpfully, and destructively for such lovely creatures, you Dragons are also ruthless in one aspect, you will do anything to get what you want. Even Dragons can get burnt by their own fire, so careful where your desires and ambitions lead you and how you react to being stymied. You can be a truly superb Dragon, a happier Dragon and an adored Dragon, if you subdue and eradicate this trait from your nature with all the great powers at your command.

Now with megalomania in mind, don't let it get a hold of you, oh mighty Dragons, because I can astrologically and psychically reveal, you are destined to be great. OK, you thought you already were, and you are, but great in the sense of this being acknowledged by society as a whole, if you can use your talents to soar on those Dragon wings. You know you are exceptionally intelligent. And how you love attention Dragon, you lap up applause and hearing others laugh at your jokes and admiring you. But you are kind and loving to your friends and loved ones and should you see them attacked, you will fly in and make the enemy wish they'd stayed safely under their duvets. You are a very responsible Dragon, your expectations for your own conduct are high and you can be a hard task master or mistress with yourself, but do understand and don't expect everyone to always meet your lofty expectations, or you'll be disappointed, even unreasonably so. Because you are not very good at seeing what others are truly like, your mind can be too busy, thinking pretty thoughts or seeing people as you want to see them, which can mean you are blind to other's motives and so not value them enough, or value them more than they merit.

Of course as a rather supreme being, you would make a good monarch but sorry there are no vacancies right now, but you could still be the next best thing, a politician. You also make glorious music as a musician, an artist, a poet, an athlete, a CEO of a company, a questing explorer or a barrister.

For love, you like to spin love spells around Rats, Snakes, Roosters (Cockerels in English), or Monkeys.

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