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Chinese Horoscope - The Dog

dog chinese horoscope

Year of the Dog

Dogs are known for their beautiful natures and their loyalty, and so are you! You are caring and almost psychically sense what others are feeling and what they need. If anyone, woe-betide them, should insult or harm a friend of yours, you will bite their heads off, you feel the harm done to others as though you yourself were the injured party. You are the great defender of the downtrodden, you want to right all injustices and your circle knows that you are unfailingly there for them. You are a spectacularly nice person and you show this in so many ways, including always keeping your word. You are a Dog of your woof! You also have the admirable ability to remain calm in difficult times, emergencies and crises of any sort. Conversely I can psychically and astrologically predict that when unpleasant things occur, you are the most likely to be shocked, but still remain calm, quite a hold you have over your mind there, Dog. You do have one rather harsh and even cruel Dog trait, you abhor frailty. Should you find your lover or friends have a frailty you don't share, and remember you will certainly have your own frailties, admitted or not, you will jettison them from your life. But with those who are allowed to stay in the pack, you are playful, lively and generous hearted; a fun Dog to have around. You are also beguilingly modest about yourself and your achievements. You also know how to keep the confidences of anyone who confides in you.

Don't bark at me will you, but it is said, that you are difficult, OK, I can tell you're not listening now, you've taken a sudden interest in your grooming your paws. But yes, difficult, and you can be selfish too. Dogs tend to look for problems to pick at, in the same way they may a flea, you are a fault finder, critical. This is not endearing in such a lovely beast, so do try to solve your own problems before you look for fleas on everyone else, and remember your claw sharp and sarcastic tongue can hurt others badly. Being a Dog you have a strong will of your own, you want to pull that lead and go, do, or say what you will, whatever anyone else thinks and sometimes this can lead you into the territories known as stubborn. For some reason best known to you, as a Dog, you are also thought of as eccentric, this is lovely, who wants to be like every other hound on the block? Let's be a Dog who is true to themselves and ignore the mewling of dull minds. People are drawn to the Dog because you are so people friendly, you are thoroughly nice and very appealing. You can be very quick to anger but conversely patient too and you never mean to harm. As a lover you may seem emotionally cold sometimes but if you are aware of this and don't let your romantic partner imagine you've cooled, you do have the loveliest attributes of mankind to share with them and have both your tails wagging.

You are a true show Dog, a Cruft's first in show, very good looking and with superb grooming habits. One of your lovely qualities is that you are, psychically I know this, honest and true, straightforward as well a 'handsome boy.' Dog intelligence is obvious, and you are extremely reliable. You will shoulder your responsibilities like a very good and capable Dog and any job you do, you will do with utmost diligence.

The work most suited to your Dog talents are as a leader of the pack - a politician (you will get the popular vote with your winning ways); an actor or actress; a writer; film director; scientist or even a - sshh, secret agent.

When casting his love spells, the Dog prefers the Rabbit, Tiger or Horse to entrance.

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