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The Cat that thinks she is a Guard Dog

Mags is the 19 year old Queen of all she surveys, a tabby who exudes majestic splendour and wisdom, as she lies draped across a sunny windowsill of her cottage. Mags purrs as her owner Pat, strokes Mag's perfectly beautiful little head.

"Mags' mother belonged to a friend and when this cat had kittens, he allowed me to choose from the litter. She was a lovely kitten, always bright, fun and fierce. I went on holiday once and asked a neighbour to come in and feed her daily. Mags was about two years old at the time and she wasn't familiar with this person. Apparently, he opened the front door, walked into the hall and Mags flew at him, claws out and sunk her teeth into his trouser leg. She was being a guard dog! He tried to shake her off and had to hit her to stop her and she flew up the stairs and watched him furiously from between the banisters. When he walked under the stairwell to get her feeding bowl and fill it, she threw herself down from the stairwell, onto his head and mauled him. Eventually, scratched to shreds and bleeding like a squashed tomato he retreated, wouldn't go back. I had to go home and leave my holiday early!

Mags looks at me with one grape-green eye and cautiously I reach out to stroke her head. Both eyes pop open as she weighs me up, luckily I have Pat's sanction, which seems to be all Mags needs to turn from protective Tiger to regal condescension, as she cordially allows a quick stroke or two from my favoured hand. I feel honoured!

"Mags is very choosy about people," says Pat, "she seems to sum them up. But she always likes children, she allows my grandson to put her around his shoulders like a fur collar and carry her around the house like that," Pat laughs. How has Pat managed to keep Mags so healthy - 19 years is a very venerable age? "I feed her well but not so well she gets overweight, I don't give her dried food as I think it effects their kidneys, and a lot of love, " Pat smiles as Mags drools contentedly onto her caressing hand. I also have had healing done for her whenever her health has been below par, it always gives her a boost."

Mags sits up to do her toilet, holding one furry leg directly up into the air, as she sits and washes with expert ease. I stare at her contortionists' balletic posture and for a moment Mags looks up at me with imperious disdain, and I remember, a cat may look at a Queen, but I am disturbing a Queen cat, and I look away, firmly put in my place by this remarkable and very royal tabby.

Pat's grandson with Mags
Pat's grandson with Mags

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