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Castlerigg Stone Circle Love Spell

Castlerigg is a 5,000 year old stone circle in Lakeland Cumbria, to be found within a dramatic landscape of hills and forests. This is a well preserved remnant of our ancient past, some of the stones being more than five feet tall. Interestingly for our purposes, unearthly lights were seen here in the 20th century. In 1919 two friends witnessed white orbs of light weave slowly around the stones, perhaps this is why the circle was built here originally, as eery lights are often part of folklore at archaic sites worldwide. The cause of these lights is unknown, spirit lights, or natural phenomena? Who can say, but you may be certain that this site has a power of it's own that you can harness to cast a love spell should you wish.

If you wish to cast a love spell and this site is convenient for you to visit, then go and if possible wait until any other visitors have left. Then quietly visualise your love spell wish, in this case that a lover will agree or propose marriage. When you feel ready chant:

'Power of light and spirit of place,
May my lover (insert their name) with whole heart me embrace,
May my lover give to me,
Vows of lifelong love with me,
May our marriage be by you blessed,
An it harm none,
So mote it be.'

Your Castlerigg love spell is now cast. 


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