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Casanova's Chocolate Love Potion Love Spell

Casanova, who liked to think he was the greatest seducer of all time, and if you believe his tales, he was, could not always rely on his own charms to seduce the hearts and bodies of his chosen women. Although he thought himself extremely handsome when young, Casanova still relied on a battery of love potions and aphrodisiacs, the better and quicker to enjoy the fair charms that excited his endless passions. Casanova liked to drink hot chocolate for breakfast every morning in the belief that this stimulated his manly amatory abilities. This love spell potion, from the master himself, won him more hearts, he vowed, than he had time to note down.

You will need: two hairs cut from your head that you have cut up very finely, a dessertspoon of your favourite liqueur and bar of good quality chocolate.

Melt the chocolate in a bain marie. Add the diced hair, the liqueur and stir well. Pour the chocolate into chocolates moulds and allow to cool. When cold, turn the chocolates out of the moulds, put them into a carton and present them to the one you desire. You have Casanova's word upon it, they will feel the love!


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