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coloured candles

Candles are used in most spells cast by a witch.
The ancient Egyptians invented the first candles.
A candle and words can be used to cast a spell:
Love spells, money spells, health spells, luck
spells and so on.



The Egyptians devised the first ever candles which were torches without wicks made from reeds soaked in melted tallow. Chinese candles were constructed from pieces of parchment paper or rice papers rolled in tallow or beeswax. Finally the Romans developed the candle we use today. Candles are still extremely popular even though Thomas Edison invented the light bulb in 1875 - power cuts do happen, and candles are used for numerous other purposes - creating an atmosphere for a romantic meal, praying, witchcraft and for celebrations of all kinds.

Candles come in all shapes, colours and sizes:

Candle magic is powerful and the chief utensil is the candle, opt for a candle you like, in a colour connected with your spell’s request:
Yellow: exams and study, computers and the Internet, business and commerce,writing, finding lost and stolen items, safe travel.
Green is the colour of abundance, good luck, fertility and harmony. It is good for lowering blood pressure and has an overall calming effect.
Blue or silver is the colour of healing, occult knowledge and psychic powers. It heals toothache, sore throats, migraines and shock.
Purple is the colour of financial success and witchcraft or spiritual powers. Used also for lung problems and addictions.
Light a purple candle to attract money luck, for financial speculation and all legal matters.
Black is the conventional colour of death in Western cultures. It governs property, land, agriculture, karma, and the elderly.
Gold attracts positive energies and influences from the spiritual world. It brings luck in all employment and career prospects and promotes social status.
Red candles are often used in love spells, love spells to win back a lost lover, marriage or love attraction.

How to cast an easy spell for any purpose using a candle

Engrave on your candle the words that impart your desire, you might wish to attract money, love, move house etc. Write your wish on a piece of paper.

The spell
Light your candle while thinking about the spell's aim, state your wish out aloud, burn your paper in the candle’s flame while thinking about the desired outcome you are after. Blow your candle out.

red candle ideal for a love spell

A single red candle can be used to cast a powerful love spell!

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