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Love Spell To Calm A Turbulent Love Situation   

This love spell is for those rocky times in a relationship when you feel the atmosphere is charged with negative energy, perhaps you are both losing your tempers with each other often and you know that you are not on secure ground with your lover. This love spell will calm the situation, take out the anger and give you both the peace you need to work through any stressful times. 

To cast this you will need a bunch of fresh mint and a silver or white candle. Inscribe the candle with the name 'Freya,' and then light it. Strew the mint leaves into the flame as you chant:

'Freya please hear this plea,
May with peace, concord and harmony,
My relationship be blessed,
Please use your power to endower,
My lover (insert their name) and I,
With your divine harmony,
An it harm none,
So mote it be.'



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